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Material Issue 4

Addressing Climate Change


Social and environmental issue outlook for 2030

The Paris Agreement provides a framework for the world to move more quickly and ambitiously to build a low-carbon global society. At the same time, there are concerns that the needed changes will not happen fast enough and climate change will have a harsh impact on the world. If and when the low-carbon society is achieved, the energy structure of entire industries will have changed significantly, including the widespread use of renewable energy and dramatic energy savings. On the other hand, if dire climate change predictions materialize, rising sea levels will submerge coastlines and damage biodiversity. There will likely also be frequent severe weather events, such as typhoons and hurricanes, which could have a significant impact on both industry and people's lives.
In order to transition to a low-carbon global society, there needs to be a fundamental change in how energy is used, which means conventional workflows must be dramatically reformed. In addition, it is vital to build an industrial structure that can withstand severe weather events in case dire climate change predictions materialize.

Opportunities for Konica Minolta to create value, and risks to be minimized


Through Konica Minolta businesses
  • Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions of customers and society by providing manufacturing process solutions
  • Promoting a paperless and ubiquitous computing society by providing solutions for work style reform

Internal action to create value
  • Contributing to dramatic CO2 emissions and cost reductions by helping business partners to reduce their environmental impact using DX technology


Affecting Konica Minolta
  • Soaring energy prices, increased material costs due to raw material shortages, and supply instability
  • Greater use of paperless systems due to rising energy prices and raw material shortages
  • Supply chain disruptions due to abnormal weather



Vision for 2030 and Medium-Term Sustainability Strategy 2022

Medium-Term Sustainability Strategy 2022 Vision for 2030 Related SDGs
Businesses Reducing energy usage and CO2 emissions by transforming customer processes Reduce CO2 emissions by Konica Minolta. Enhance CO2 emissions reduction at corporate clients and suppliers, and reduce the carbon footprint of society.
Internal action Energy usage and CO2 emissions reduction related to Konica Minolta sites, business partners, products and services

Konica Minolta's Approach

Konica Minolta has decided — with the implementation of its new long-term management vision and DX2022 medium-term business strategy — to bring forward its goal to achieve “Carbon Minus” status from 2050 to 2030.
Konica Minolta will help transform the conventional business model of mass production and disposal by supporting clients with on-demand production, work style reform, edge computing, and other efforts. It will also promote the transition to a fully paperless world, while helping to minimize energy use in the digital society.
Leveraging digital transformation (DX) technologies, Konica Minolta will pursue collaboration with even more corporate clients and business partners, taking on the challenge of promoting broad-scale environmental impact reduction. The company aims to achieve sustainable growth dramatically expanding its contribution to the reduction of environmental impact while improving financial performance. This will be done by digitizing the Green Supplier Activities that provide business partners with Konica Minolta environmental expertise, and by promoting the Environmental Digital Platform launched in June 2020.

Businesses: Reducing Energy Usage and CO2 Emissions by Transforming Customer Processes

●Reducing energy usage and CO2 emissions in customer business processes through on-demand printing and production

●Streamlining gas leak inspection work and compliance activities related to global warming prevention regulations

●Streamlining customer workflow and reducing supply chain loss through process technology that makes the most of materials

●Collaborating with customers globally through the Environmental Digital Platform, a DX-based ecosystem

Internal Action: Energy Usage and CO2 Emissions Reduction Related to Konica Minolta Sites, Business Partners, Products and Services

●Reducing environmental impact and costs at Konica Minolta sites

●Reducing environmental impact and costs at business partners using DX

●Reducing the environmental impact of products

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