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Supporting Healthy, High-Quality Living


Social and environmental issue outlook for 2030

Due to population aging, the number of people suffering from diseases in developed countries is expected to grow. With a corresponding increase in the demand for medical treatment and nursing care, social security costs will also climb. In sparsely populated areas and developing countries, there are concerns that healthcare access could become difficult. In addition, the gap between supply and demand for nursing care in Japan is expected to grow to approximately 500,000 patients by 2030.* Similar issues are also anticipated in other developed countries in the near future.
As part of productivity and safety improvement at medical facilities and seniors care sites, the quality of and access to medical services need to be enhanced, and social security costs have to be reduced. This can be done through the prevention and early detection of disease. It can also be accomplished by shortening the development period for new drugs through improved candidate success rates and greater clinical trial efficiency.

* From a report released by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on April 9, 2018: Report compiled by the Study Group for Future Supply and Demand of Elderly Nursing Care Systems

Opportunities for Konica Minolta to create value


Through Konica Minolta businesses
  • Transforming care staff workflow with imaging IoT-based systems and onsite consulting services, and creating a labor pool in the nursing care industry
  • Promoting disease prevention and early detection by providing high value-added medical services, and reducing medical expenses
  • Streamlining drug development by fostering innovation in drug discovery processes utilizing genetic testing technology
  • Improving healthcare accessibility in developing countries

Internal action to create value
  • Building safe and comfortable workplaces where employees feel motivated

Vision for 2030 and Medium-Term Plan 2022

Vision for 2030: Promote health and high quality of life at corporate clients, in society, and Konica Minolta. Help individuals lead fulfilling lives.

Related SDGs:

Themes Indicators FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Results Results Targets Targets
Promote health and high quality of life at corporate clients  
Building safe and comfortable workplaces where employees feel motivated Improve organizational health Socia and environmental value Rate of reduction of Level 4 workplaces (%) *1 38 69 30 50
Percentage moving to higher level of organizational health (%) *2 - 5.1 5 10
Employee health *3 Number of employees who are at high risk physically (employees with the highest health risks)Note1 24% increase 30% decrease 8% decrease 12% decrease
Number of vacation days due to mental health problems*4 15.1% increase 10.1% increase 7% decrease 13% decrease

Target scope: Konica Minolta, Inc. However, the scope of targets and results of employees who are at high risk physically(Note1) has expanded to include Group employees in Japan from fiscal 2021.

The rate of reduction from fiscal 2019 levels in the number of Level 4 workplaces, which have the highest level of stress (workplaces deemed to have the highest level of stress based on the results of a four-level stress check)
The rate of year-on-year change in the number of workplaces whose results in the organizational health survey improved from less than 3.5 to 3.5 or higher (upper level)
Rate of change from fiscal 2019 results
Targets and results have been revised retrospectively to fiscal 2020 figures as the method of calculating the effects of measures was changed in fiscal 2021.

Konica Minolta's Approach

Konica Minolta will make the most of its proprietary genetic and dynamic testing technologies to improve healthcare access and help reduce social security costs. These technologies can help detect diseases early and reduce the risk of severe illness, thereby reducing treatment costs. In addition, the company will expand access to nursing care by providing solutions that streamline care staff workflow.
Konica Minolta possesses molecular level diagnostic technologies that can identify genes and proteins as well as dynamic diagnostic imaging technologies that can help pinpoint the cause of diseases. In addition, the company has the human resources and technical capabilities needed to visit care facilities in person to assess staff workflow and propose specific improvements. With these capabilities, Konica Minolta will contribute to improved treatment and facilitate the creation of even more effective medicines, thereby enhancing people's quality of life while helping to lower healthcare costs.
At Konica Minolta itself, the aims will be to foster employees’ engagement with their own physical and mental health and promote more advanced health management by building a health-first corporate culture.

Businesses: Improving Patient Quality of Life While Reducing Expenses

●Improving patient quality of life while reducing healthcare costs by providing high-value-added medical treatment

●Expanding care capacity by streamlining care staff workflow

Internal Action: Building Safe and Comfortable Workplaces Where Employees Feel Motivated

●Promoting health-oriented business administration

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