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Material Issue 3

Ensuring Social Safety and Security


Social and environmental issue outlook for 2030

Cyber-attacks have become increasingly frequent and sophisticated. The unprecedented damage they have caused is estimated at as much as 90 trillion dollars* worldwide. Societies also need to respond to risks such as urban crime, natural disasters, pandemics and food insecurity, which all threaten people's work and livelihoods.
To make society safer and more security, it is vital to visualize dangers to social infrastructure and workplaces, as well as information security risks, and to improve the inspection of products and services that contribute to people's work and livelihoods.

* Source: Zurich Insurance Group and the Atlantic Council, 2015

Opportunities for Konica Minolta to create value, and risks to be minimized


Through Konica Minolta businesses
  • Improving safety and security at client sites and for society by providing products and services such as those that make gas leaks visible
  • Supporting the quality produced by corporate clients by offering products and services that facilitate high-tech measurement and inspection




Affecting Konica Minolta
  • Loss of public confidence in the event of a product or service-related accident that results in death or injury to a user
  • Public disapproval in the event of a serious information security accident related to a product or service, which results in a personal data leak or privacy infringement
  • Impacts on operations and product shipments due to the use of substances that pollute ecosystems and pose human health hazards

Vision for 2030 and Medium-Term Sustainability Strategy 2022

Medium-Term Sustainability Strategy 2022 Vision for 2030 Related SDGs
Businesses Enhancing information security and occupational safety for corporate clients Enhance safety and security in the workplaces of corporate clients and in society. Minimize risks posed by Konica Minolta products and services.
Internal action Minimizing risks related to the safety and security of Konica Minolta products and services

Konica Minolta's Approach

Konica Minolta will identify both cyber and physical security risks, provide solutions that help create secure environments, and contribute to safety and security in society. Specifically, the company will work to provide connected workplaces that ensure a high degree of information security, while also offering workplace risk identification solutions using imaging IoT technology.
Konica Minolta possesses proprietary technologies in the fields of optical and image processing, as well as analysis and imaging AI technologies. It is also deeply involved in the main processes at each stage of the supply and value chains for various industries. Using the valuable information it has accumulated through these activities, Konica Minolta is able to offer solutions that help customers to raise product quality and enhance safety and security in the workplace, while driving innovation across various industries. With the technology to visually detect changes and warning signs invisible to the human eye, the company will continue providing new value in areas such as public security, factory safety, and product inspection.
As a manufacturer, Konica Minolta also evaluates all risks at each stage of its product and service life cycles, and works to minimize information security risks and health problems.

Businesses: Enhancing Information Security and Occupational Safety for Corporate Clients

●Providing solutions that help improve information security for customers

●Providing occupational safety management solutions

●Advancing into quality inspection and other monitoring related to safety and security

Internal Action: Minimizing Risks Related to the Safety and Security of Konica Minolta Products and Services

●Enhancing user safety for products and services

●Eliminating chemical substances harmful to health

●Thoroughly preventing major information security accidents

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