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Management of Chemical Substances in Products

Management of Chemical Substances Contained in Products

Konica Minolta manufactures and sells office equipment such as digital MFPs and printers, industrial printers, and chemical products such as toner and ink, which are consumables for the aforementioned products, as well as medical devices, measuring instruments, optical components, and performance materials. As chemical substances regulations for products have been tightened around the world, the Group has not only ensured its compliance with the law but also has established internal standards that ensure the environmental performance and safety of products, thereby practicing the appropriate management of chemical substances so that it can grow its business in these diverse products globally.

Compliance with the RoHS Directive*1

Since the European RoHS Directive, which restricts the amount of specified hazardous substances that can be contained in products, came into effect in 2006, voices calling for compliance with the directive have spread to regions other than Europe. The scope of the directive has also been expanded step by step, with medical devices and control and monitoring devices becoming subject to the directive in 2014.
Konica Minolta has managed chemical substances based on the RoHS Directive since the directive first came into effect. In 2011, with the revisions made to the Directive, the Group reviewed its system for the management of chemical substances and made a declaration of conformity with the revised standards.
The RoHS Directive has become stricter due to revisions such as the addition of specific phthalates to restricted substances and the expiry of exemptions. Konica Minolta has already complied with the changes and will continue to grasp the trend of revisions accurately and take systematic steps to remain in compliance.

RoHS Directive: A directive relating to restrictions on the use of specified hazardous substances contained in electrical and electronic devices

Compliance with REACH Regulations*2

European REACH regulations are comprehensive regulations on the management of chemical substances covering registration, evaluation, authorization, and restrictions when using any chemical substances, whether existing or new. The regulations apply to chemical substances included not only in chemical goods, but also various articles (e.g., devices and molded items). Since coming into effect in 2007, they have been put into force in a phased manner.
Konica Minolta systematically registered substances that only have preliminary registration as chemical goods in order to comply with the regulations. Then, it completed registration by the end of the registration period on May 31, 2018. With respect to articles, the company carefully monitors the authorization candidate substances (substances of very high concern [SVHC]) that are periodically added and investigates matters concerning their use as part of the Group’s green procurement surveys. The Group properly manages information for articles containing more than 0.1% of a substance and is preparing for database registration of SVHC content information, starting in January 2021.

REACH regulations: Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals

Compliance with IEC 62474

Based on the regulated substances and substance groups that are included in the Declarable Substance List (DSL) of IEC 62474 (Material Declaration for Products of and for the Electrotechnical Industry) created by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), there are standards for prohibited and monitored substances used in equipment products. Konica Minolta's office equipment products do not contain any IEC 62474 Declarable Substances, other than RoHS exempted substances and REACH-SVHC substances.

Prior Check of Substances Contained in Products

In addition to complying with chemical substance regulations in different countries, such as the RoHS Directive and REACH regulations, Konica Minolta has established standards for prohibited and monitored substances used for devices, standards for prohibited and restricted substances used for chemical products, and product safety standards in order to ensure the environmental safety of its products. Based on these standards, the Group verifies the status of parts and raw materials in advance and conducts product assessments right from the development stage, thereby eliminating hazards to the natural environment and people.

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