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Giving Shape to Ideas

Green Products (product initiatives)

Konica Minolta's Approach

Background and Issues

Given the widespread awareness of environmental and social challenges faced by our world today, the value that people seek is shifting from material wealth to value that contributes to the quality of society. By understanding the evolving values of society and contributing solutions, Konica Minolta is able to continue to develop competitive products which enhance its profitability.


While working to develop products that help reduce the environmental impact of customers and society, Konica Minolta also aims to encourage widespread adoption of these products by broadly promoting their value.
Through initiatives like these, while helping to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Konica Minolta strives to help build a sustainable society, earn social confidence, and achieve sustainable growth alongside the broader society as a company of choice.

Key Measures and KPIs

Creating Sustainable Green Products sought by customers and society

  • Sustainable Green Products sales: ¥770.0 billion (sales ratio: 70%)
  • CO2 emissions reduction during product use: 17.2 thousand tons
  • Effective resource utilization: 11.3 thousand tons

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