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Biodiversity and Water Resources

Basic Concept

Basic Concept

Recognizing that biodiversity, the foundation for the bountiful lives people enjoy, is facing critical challenges, Konica Minolta maintains a deep awareness of the impact that its business activities have on biodiversity and takes steps to conserve biodiversity and ensure its sustainable use.
Konica Minolta is working to promote restoration and preservation of biodiversity as one of the commitments under its long-term environmental vision, Eco Vision 2050. Utilizing the Ecological Service Review (ESR) for companies that was developed using the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, an environmental assessment conducted under the auspices of the United Nations, Konica Minolta identified business activities that depend on and impact ecosystems for all of its Group businesses worldwide. The Company then created a “relationship map” that summarizes by product life cycle stage the benefits that its business activities obtain from the ecosystem, as well as the impact they have on it. This map is evaluated to identify specific items to be addressed.
The assessment and identification process reflects third-party opinions obtained from interviews with two specialized organizations, including Japan's Ministry of the Environment. Konica Minolta will seek to gain even deeper insight into the relationship between its business activities and biodiversity, and to organize and enhance its information disclosure based on international trends in the new disclosure framework for natural capital.