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In recent years, there has been an urgent need for initiatives that help solve global issues for humanity, such as climate change as well as resource and energy issues. Meanwhile in Japan, which is becoming a super-aged society, issues such as a shrinking working population and rising healthcare and nursing care costs are intensifying. Konica Minolta’s mission, “The Creation of New Value,” stated in its management philosophy, means that the company is working to help solve these social problems and generate new value that brings innovation to people and society.
Under its Medium-Term Business Plan, TRANSFORM 2016, Konica Minolta is currently promoting a bold change in its business focus. The aim is to use digital technology to combine the company’s strengths in optical, imageprocessing, and sensing technologies. The company seeks to become a problem-solving digital company that creates products and services that help resolve social issues.
This is why the company not only embraces the perspective of its immediate clients, but is also now extending its focus to their customers-all the people who make up society-in other words, switching its focus from B2B to “B2B2Person.” Toward this end, Konica Minolta is building new organizations that cross the boundaries between its current business units, aiming to work as One Konica Minolta to meet customer and social requirements in each business area.

A problem-solving digital company

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