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Konica Minolta’s Environmental Activities

Sales Activities to Solve Environmental Issues
(Green Marketing Activities)

Background and Issues

With growing public demands to address environmental problems such as climate change and resource depletion, corporations are expected to carry out environmental activities that not only minimize risks but also promote business growth. To do this, companies need to reach beyond their own organizations and share value with customers, local communities, and other stakeholders. By promoting activities together, companies and their stakeholders can raise their level of contribution to global environment preservation throughout the value chain.


Konica Minolta has been contributing to the entire value chain by sharing its expertise and experience with customers to help resolve their environmental challenges. It seeks to strengthen relationships with customers and continually create shared value, building on the foundation of trust they have with Konica Minolta.

Key Measures and KPIs

Contribution to sales made using DX to strengthen engagement with customers and solve customers’ issues

Konica Minolta helps to solve its customers’ environmental issues by providing the outstanding environmental technologies and expertise it is known for, and also by creating new business opportunities leveraging greater engagement. Moreover, the company is maximizing these efforts through its Environmental Digital Platform. Konica Minolta, with the leadership of its sales division, has grown sales by improving performance on the KPIs of enhanced customer relations (acquisition of customer’s project data), business negotiation participation (providing quotations), and sales contribution (acquisition of contracts).
The Company also expanded its business activities by providing the Environmental Digital Platform (Environmental DPF).

1) Support customers in reducing energy use and CO2 emissions by transforming their business processes
2) Contribute to the expansion of Konica Minolta product sales by strengthening customer engagement
3) Develop visuals to illustrate the amount of CO2 reductions achieved by Environmental Digital Platform solutions and explore counting the amount reduced by the solution towards our Carbon Minus contributions ( CO2 reductions at customers, business partners and the broader society).

Using DX to Strengthen Customer Engagement
Key measures (KPI) Results Target
FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2022 FY2023
Enhancing customer relations (No. of times) 285 303 338 408 372
Participating in business negotiations(No. of time) 212 153 230 181 257
Sales contribution (million yen) 692 892 989 1000 1100
Enhanced customer relations: Number of business opportunities gained by providing customers with environment-related technologies and know-how
Business negotiation participation: Number of proposed products for which a quotation was submitted out of the number of enhanced customer relations
Sales contribution: Total amount of sales of products proposed at the above-mentioned business negotiations

Overview of Activities

The solutions provided by Konica Minolta include not only products and services, but also environmental expertise that is useful to customers. Through Green Marketing activities that provide the proven environmental expertise the company already possesses, Konica Minolta seeks to build corporate relationships by working with customers who appreciate its approach to environmental management to help them solve environmental issues. The aim of these efforts is to become the business partner of choice for companies around the world.

Fiscal 2022 Activity Results

Konica Minolta provided environmental seminars and lectures to an audience of 400 people from 250 companies to introduce Konica Minolta’s approach to environmental management, including practical examples. With direct visits difficult to COVID-19, Konica Minolta held online meetings with 191 companies to exchange views on the environment in fiscal 2022. In these sessions, the Company heard about customers’ environmental issues and introduced practical examples of Konica Minolta’s environmental work. Since 2014, the Company has provided its environmental technologies and know-how to more than 1,200 customers. Through this enhanced engagement, Konica Minolta has increased the number of business meetings that have resulted in business opportunities year after year.

Business negotiation participation*

*Business negotiation participation: Number of proposed products for which a quotation was submitted at business opportunities gained by providing customers with environment-related technologies and know-how

Support to Reduce Environmental Impact and Reform Work Styles

Designing good times for the Company and its employees through practical work-style reform in Konica Minolta’s own offices

Konica Minolta offers office solution services that contribute to work style reforms, on top of reducing environmental impact, through optimization of office environments. Konica Minolta Japan, Inc. has been implementing its own work-style reform since 2013, in search of a better way to work.
It has been implementing various office solutions such as optimal MFP placement, reduction of printing volume and document storage space by digitizing documents, and introduction of telework to reduce business travel.
As a result of implementation of further measures to realize new work styles after 2020, it has achieved reductions in environmental impact and costs by reducing the amount of copier paper output by 70%, the amount of documents stored by 38%, and the amount of electricity used by 18.6%(*1). In addition, work style reform reduced overtime work by 39%, and business productivity was maintained and improved through telework (*2), enabling the design of good working hours for both the company and employees.
Based on the knowledge gained through this in-house practice, Konica Minolta has developed a concept for work-style transformation and offers “Design Your Time!” as a unique office solution service.
*1: Comparison between FY2019 and FY2021
*2: Comparison between FY 2018 and FY 2021

Helping to Reduce Environmental Impact to Solve the Environmental Issues of Customers

Bizhub Eco

Konica Minolta has been developing Bizhub Eco service package revolving around MFPs to solve customers' environmental issues and concerns in Europe. Bizhub Eco uses Konica Minolta's Optimized Print Services (OPS) to set the installed MFPs to the most energy and resource-efficient setting for the usage situation of the customer. For a fee, the package also includes a carbon offset for the entire product lifecycle, biodiversity protection measures in the form of tree planting activities, and local NPO support. By also providing signage to explain the green activities promoted by Bizhub Eco, Konica Minolta facilitates internal communication in the ’customers’ office.