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Konica Minolta Concludes a Comprehensive Partnership Agreement with the Hyogo Prefectural Government,
Promoting Cooperation in Utilizing Digital Technologies through Public-Private Partnership

April 4, 2022

Tokyo (April 4, 2022) - Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce that it has concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with the Hyogo Prefectural Government regarding the use of digital technologies through public-private partnership. Under this agreement, Konica Minolta will use digital technologies in various fields such as local governments, companies, and local communities to help improve the quality of life of residents and promote industry in the prefecture.

Purposes of the Agreement

(1) To support DX for local governments

Konica Minolta will offer DX services to the Hyogo Prefectural Government and municipal governments in the prefecture to help them improve civil services and enhance the efficiency of administrative workflows.

(2) To accelerate innovation for small- and medium-sized enterprises

Konica Minolta will help small- and medium-sized enterprises promote DX to achieve growth and tackle the SDGs.

(3) To promote and support startups

Konica Minolta will collaborate in implementing startup support programs and facilitating open innovation through private-public-academic partnerships.

(4) To support DX for local communities

Konica Minolta will offer support in solving issues faced by local communities by using digital technologies, including implementing the smart city model project.

Konica Minolta seeks to visualize issues faced by various businesses and organizations to help them enhance productivity and improve workflows. Konica Minolta is determined to make the invisible visible to meet people’s desire to “see” by leveraging its imaging and data analysis technologies, and to continue to create new value for the evolution of society by accelerating digital innovation.

Business operations under the comprehensive partnership agreement will be undertaken mainly by Konica Minolta Publitech, Inc., a subsidiary established in FY2021 to promote DX for local governments and communities.

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