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Konica Minolta Issues Diversity Management Commitment to Support Individuals to Thrive and Facilitate Collective Intelligence

April 18, 2023

Tokyo (April 18, 2023) - Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) announced that the company has issued the Konica Minolta Group Diversity Management Commitment with a view to supporting all its group members around the world to thrive at work.

<Konica Minolta Group Diversity Management Commitment (preamble) >
We welcome, appreciate, and value what makes each employee unique and seek to nurture individual capabilities and aspirations to solve new challenges together.
Konica Minolta fosters a culture that enables individuals to thrive, stimulates creativity, problem-solving, and innovation, which in turn facilitates our collective intelligence.
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Konica Minolta has been working for years to improve equity and inclusiveness for social minorities and to foster an organizational culture that enables each and every member to maximize their different strengths and to live up to their potential. Since the management integration of Konica and Minolta in 2003, we have accelerated these efforts.
In order to realize our vision and achieve sustainable growth recognized by society, Konica Minolta needs to strengthen Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion(DEI)promotion as One Global Konica Minolta Group.

Against this backdrop, Konica Minolta issued the Konica Minolta Diversity Management Commitment, in which the company declares its vision of and commitment to diversity management, thereby defining and promoting Diversity (empowering individuals to thrive), Equity (ensuring equal opportunities) and Inclusion (facilitating collective intelligence).

The Konica Minolta Diversity Management Commitment represents the company’s firm determination to recognize and understand the diversity of all its stakeholders, including suppliers and partner companies as well as Konica Group members around the world, and take on new challenges together.

Group-wide Efforts to Promote DEI Globally

1. Global programs organized by Konica Minolta members in Europe, US and Japan

To facilitate DEI efforts on a group-wide basis around the world, DEI personnel in Europe, the US and Japan meet together to organize and implement global programs. To coincide with the timing of each global program, there is also a program for Japanese members under the theme of the relevant program to ensure as many members as possible can join the company’s efforts to promote DEI.

The global programs invite activists and experts specialized in the relevant theme as guest speakers and panelists from Europe and the US, which lead the world in diversity promotion, thus offering valuable opportunities for Konica Minolta members to learn from the inspiring insights and new ideas of globally active leaders.

Global program
Date Theme Number of participating countries Number of participants
March 2021 International Women’s Day: RETHINK EMPOWERMENT 26 683
June 2021 Pride Month: Unlock the power of diversity with Authenticity and Allyship 22 529
November 2021 RETHINK Our Workplace with Your Voice 35 799
March 2022 International Women’s Day: Break The Bias More than 10* Approx.450
June 2022 Pride Month: Building and Sustaining Engagement with Employee Networks 24 336
November 2022 Talking about Race: Why it Still Matters in the Workplace 27 250
March 2023 International Women’s Day: Embrace Equity
The influence women can have on the changing global economy
22 482

* The program was held separately in Europe, the US and Asia.

2. Launching the DEI Training Path in group companies around the world

The Konica Minolta Group Diversity Management Commitment defines principles to be practiced by Konica Minolta and its members, and declares the company’s commitment to the principles as “Our Commitment.” To live up to this commitment and put the principles into action, Konica Minolta launched an e-learning-based DEI Training Path, thereby helping each member feel closer to DEI issues and continue learning about them.

This training program was created with the help of Konica Minolta’s European and American DEI personnel, who pooled their knowledge and experience, at the request of Japanese DEI personnel, and arranged the key topics necessary for the training to guide Konica Minolta members to take action. The training program is designed to help individuals efficiently acquire the essential DEI skills for working at the Konica Minolta Group and achieve personal growth.

While the Foundation Module of DEI Training Path is currently being run in Europe, the US, China, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, the UAE, Australia and Japan, the program will be launched worldwide in the future to ensure that key DEI topics are understood by all individuals working at the Konica Minolta Group. The contents of the training program will be expanded by combining both common topics worldwide with original topics tailored to local needs and conditions.

3. Global employee survey

In Japan, Konica Minolta has been conducting a survey to measure employees’ awareness of Diversity and Equity issues, regularly since fiscal 2016 as part of its diversity promotion efforts, and has incorporated the results in its diversity activities. Starting from fiscal 2017, issues relating to Inclusion have been added to the survey items to enhance psychological safety in the organization and eliminate unconscious bias.

Since fiscal 2021, Konica Minolta has been using the global employee survey to identify problems and measure progress, with a view to promoting DEI on a group-wide basis. The 2021 and 2022 surveys showed an increase from 7.1 to 7.4 in “fairness” and from 6.9 to 7.2 in “freedom to express opinions” on a scale of one to ten.

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