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Human Capital: Diversity

Fostering a DEI-Based Organizational Culture

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Konica Minolta’s Approach

Background and Issues

To make diversity of talent a source for innovation, it is vital that we not only embrace diverse talent, but also to transmute each employee's differences into strengths and work effectively as a team.
To that end, we need to eliminate biases that interfere with employees exercising their abilities and create a psychologically safe corporate culture where everyone can speak frankly.


To continue to create solutions to social issues, we respect differences and embrace diverse values to improve employee job satisfaction. We seek to foster a corporate culture that enables employees to share their differing ideas in a wholesome way and to take on challenges while helping each other out.

Key Measures and KPIs

  • Formulate and implement independent DEI promotion plans at Konica Minolta, Inc., and major Group companies in response to societal demands and to build the desired organizational culture
  • Provide learning opportunities and strengthen awareness-raising activities to promote DEI throughout the Group
Global Employee Survey
  Equity Freedom of Expression
Results Targets Results Targets
FY2021 FY2022 FY2025 FY2021 FY2022 FY2025
Konica Minolta Group 7.1 7.4 8.0 or more 6.9 7.2 8.0 or more
Konica Minolta, Inc. 6.1 6.1 7.0 or more 6.5 6.6 7.5 or more

*Average score of answers to the following questions on a scale of 0 to 10
Equity: “People from all backgrounds are treated fairly at my company.”
Freedom of Opinion: “At work, my opinions are valued.”
As FY2023 to FY2025 policy, targets were set based on the same industry benchmarks as the FY2021 survey.

Formulate and Implement DEI Promotion Plans That Drive Business Growth

To achieve organizational reforms that will help drive the growth of the business and enable all employees to thrive, Konica Minolta has begun to promote DEI in a manner suiting the unique characteristics of each business and organization.
Konica Minolta has appointed a person in each business and functional division to take charge of promoting DEI and formulating and implementing a three-year promotion plan.
In drafting the overall 3-Year Plan, we addressed the steps of defining our desired vision, understanding our current status, formulating measures, setting KPIs, and clarifying issues from a DEI perspective by leveraging the DEI Office, a specialized office for the promotion, and the Human Resources Department. We have focused on improving the effectiveness and viability of our plan. In addition, we applied the expertise developed through efforts at Konica Minolta, Inc. at Group companies, and key companies have begun formulating their own promotion plans.
Konica Minolta Japan, Inc. has formulated its own promotion policy in collaboration with Konica Minolta, Inc. and has formulated a promotion plan for each division.

Providing Learning Opportunities for Employees

Initiatives at Konica Minolta, Inc.

Konica Minolta, Inc. has been working in parallel to promote understanding among management and employees about the nature of DEI promotion since fiscal year 2016. We are also working to foster a corporate culture that encourages each employee to accept each other's differences and positively take on challenges.

2017-2019 Lectures for Management
2017-2018 Diversity Workshops for Department Managers and above
2019-2021 Workshops for leaders on improving the psychological safety of organizations
2021 E-learning for all employees on Unconscious Bias

Unified Efforts of the Konica Minolta Group

In fiscal 2022, we launched a new DEI learning program that makes DEI more accessible to each employee and enables them to continue learning. We developed the learning program with DEI promotion managers from Group companies, who brought their knowledge and experience to help organize and systematize the topics needed to create an action-oriented learning. We designed the learning to help employees efficiently gain DEI-related skills essential for working at the Konica Minolta Group and for self-improvement. In fiscal 2022, we distributed an English version of the basic learning throughout the Konica Minolta Group, and we are also having it translated in China, Vietnam, and other countries. In Japan, we have also created original content with videos to help improve psychological safety and eliminate unconscious bias. We developed both the videos and the Japanese version of the basic DEI learning program as mandatory courses, and a total of about 9,000 of all Group employees in Japan have already taken this learning in fiscal 2022.