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Employment of People with Disabilities

Special Subsidiary “Konica Minolta With You, Inc.” Promotes Employment of People with Disabilities

In September 2013, Konica Minolta established the special subsidiary Konica Minolta With You, Inc. to support the independence of persons with disabilities through employment. The “With You” in the company name expresses the intention that the company is not just doing something for persons with disabilities but rather that it works with them to enhance their participation in society. Through this subsidiary, Konica Minolta is pursuing the social independence and mainstreaming of persons with disabilities.
In order for employees to feel pride and satisfaction through their work, Konica Minolta With You, Inc. enables its new hires to experience a variety of jobs during the first three years after joining the company, and helps them to create a long-term career vision with goals to achieve within five years. In this way, the company supports career development for people with disabilities, with the aim of maximizing their professional skills.
Employees with disabilities engage in work that directly contributes to the Group’s business, including printing business cards and Konica Minolta product manuals, digitizing documents, data entry, and refurbishing Konica Minolta multi-function printers used by customers. They also support other Group employees by serving customers at a café and shop on site, and by collecting and distributing mail within the company and managing vending machines.
In October 2020, Konica Minolta received the Governor of Tokyo Award among the Excellent Company Awards for Employment of Persons with Disabilities in recognition of its unique efforts to support disabled people.

Printing business cards and product manuals

Customer service at a café on site

Refurbishing Konica Minolta multi-function printers

See Social Data (Excel) in ESG Data for the employment rate of people with disabilities.