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Human Capital

Attracting, Developing and Promoting the Active Participation of Human Resources

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Konica Minolta's Approach

Background and Issues

To attract, develop, and promote the active participation of professional human resources, we have established three issues and are taking measures to address them.
1. Pipeline of next-generation leadership candidates
2. Rapidly place the right person in the right job
3. Promote diversity in management decision making


While focusing on attracting, developing, and promoting the active participation of human resources in each region, we have implemented a process of visualization and development of talented human resources who will be the driving force for the entire Konica Minolta Group. We will pursue maximum benefits with balanced investment in human resources that will contribute to accelerating selection and concentration and achieving sustainable business growth in the future.

Key Measures and KPIs

Initiatives During the Medium-Term Business Plan DX2022 (FY2020-FY2022)

  • Systematically train employees with leadership skills by selecting young people early and reinforcing the pipeline for women officer candidates
  • Provide global training for leaders who can meet customer needs with digital solutions (DX leaders) and finish assignments to global DX leadership positions by fiscal 2022
   Result Target
FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2022
Strategic assignment of managerial candidates*1 (%) 70 98 100 100
Number of DX leaders*2 trained (people) - 24 24 40
Percentage of employees assigned to strategic leadership positions
DX leader: Leaders who can meet customer needs with digital solutions

Initiatives During the 2025 Medium-Term Business Plan (FY2023-FY2025)

  • Strengthen pipeline of next-generation leadership candidates
  • Increase the quantity and speed of human resources supply to accelerate business selection and concentration. Enhance imaging IoT human resources and accelerate placement of the right person in the right job
  • Improve quality of decisions by ensuring diversity in management decision making
   Result Target
FY2020 FY2022 FY2023 FY2025
Number of imaging IoT human resources*3 (people) 500 814 1000 50% or more engineers in each business
Human resources with the technology to analyze imaging data and various sensor information leveraging AI technologies such as deep learning to support decision-making and assessments at various worksites

Strengthen Pipeline of Next-Generation Leadership Candidates

CEO Talent Reiview

To systematically assign and develop next-generation leaders to take charge of Company management, we have visualized human resources since fiscal 2020, and established a forum for CEOs and top management to confirm and discuss one-on-one the direction of development. Through these discussions, we clarify organizational issues such as whether there is a candidate for the next top management position or whether we should wait another three to five years for such a candidate. The CEO and top management then assume the role of identifying successor candidates and assign them tasks for further growth, and then check their growth over the next year.
As of April 2023, employees selected by each Business as eligible for Talent Review have been systematically assigned to positions and provided with educational opportunities.

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Creation of Global Leaders to Drive DX

Konica Minolta has created a “development model” and is implementing the process for training human resources who arrange to have digital experts located near its customers, which is essential for Konica Minolta to become a DX company. Specifically, we select human resources globally who become candidates, collaborate with top educational institutions in Europe, and design educational programs based on the business direction we are pursuing and current challenges and provide these to the selected candidates. At the same time, we formulate and implement an individual development plan based on the individua’s talents revealed through the educational program. In addition, as one of the individual development plans, the cross-border assignment of roles (Americas ➡ Australia, Australia ➡ Americas, Europe ➡ Japan, China ➡ Southeast Asia, etc.) started from April 2022. This initiative will start in the office printing domain, our core business, and expanded to the production print and healthcare businesses from fiscal 2022.

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Providing Challenging Opportunities for Next-Generation Leaders Globally

For many years, Konica Minolta, Inc. has conducted a program for sending young employees overseas to sales companies and world-class business schools. The program is an investment in human resources intended to develop true global leaders at an early stage who can compete globally. The program seeks to foster an understanding of diversity, how to work globally and have a global and local perspective and establish a personal basis as a businessperson. In 2022, we expanded this program globally, named it “GLOW”, and made a new start. In addition to the employees of Konica Minolta, Inc., employees of major sales companies in Japan and sales companies in the United States and Vietnam have also applied, and will be sent to various regions from May 2023.

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Accelerate Placing the Right Person in the Right Job

Develop and Utilize Imaging IoT Human Resources

To accelerate the selection and concentration of businesses and continue being a company that is needed by greater society, we recognize that it will become increasingly important for us to leverage the core technologies in our possession to the fullest, and strengthen imaging IoT human resources who can further evolve upon those technologies.

Over time, we have focused on the development of "imaging IoT technology" that combines the core technologies that we have continued to refine for years together with the latest IoT and AI technology. From fiscal 2014, we have been tackling new business creation, and have therefore promoted the development and acquisition of human resources.
To this end, we are defining the necessary roles and clarifying the training system connected to those roles. In addition, we are visualizing the number and level of human resources for each role and promoting effective human resource allocation.
Currently, we are taking steps to train 1,000 employees to where they can play an active role as imaging IoT human resources by the end of fiscal 2023.

Strengthen human resources to expand DX business

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Human Resources Recruitment System

Konica Minolta, Inc. has introduced the Human Resources Recruitment System that allows employees to take on the voluntary transfer to a new position as a mechanism to complement company-led personnel assignments. The aim of this system is to create human resources who actively take on new challenges in their own career development and to foster a corporate culture that respects the can-do spirit. From fiscal 2022, we will expand the number of transfer locations and applicants globally, and we have started posting job openings on the Global Career Page (internal website) assuming transfers among our nine major global companies.

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Developing a Human Capital System

As the foundation of its OJD*, Konica Minolta, Inc. enhances its impact by providing rank-based training tailored to changes in roles and positions, as well as a range of training programs to raise knowledge and skills. In addition, the Company has established a support system to promote self-driven growth. Specifically, we have introduced a support system that provides referrals to recommended outside educational institutions and subsidizes the cost of attending educational programs of the individual’s choice. A total of approximately 10,100 employees took advantage of such educational programs in fiscal 2022, and the total time they spent was approximately 83,000 hours .

OJD:A variation of on-the-job training (OJT), OJD refers to the development of abilities while facing real-life work challenges, under the guidance of a superior.

Improve Quality of Decisions by Ensuring Diversity in Management Decision Making

Konica Minolta, Inc. is promoting DEI by ensuring diversity to improve the quality of management decisions and continue to create solutions to solve social issues.

Assessment and Treatment System

To create an organization that continues to provide customers with new value, Konica Minolta, Inc. expects each employee to possess superior knowledge, expertise, and unique skills befitting a true professional, and to act and think independently to solve problems. In order to accelerate employee development, the Company revised its personnel assessment and treatment system for general employees, introducing a system that will highly evaluate talented personnel who act in accordance with the Konica Minolta Philosophy and take on the challenge of pursuing ambitious goals without fear of failure, and a system to evaluate employees who take on challenges, regardless of the outcome.
Please note that, since the merger, seniority has not been considered in determining employee treatment. Instead, skills and results are evaluated fairly and reflected in promotions and salary increases.
In addition, to achieve the career vision of each individual, we regularly provide important opportunities to take stock of one’s own career, and think together with their superiors about their skill development challenges and career development goals (direction and plan for skill development) through their work.