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Background and Issues

Konica Minolta’s management vision is “Imaging to the People,” and the Company has been striving toward two goals: “Support people to achieve their own purpose” and “Realize a sustainable society.” To achieve this vision, the Company has been actively using AI in the development of products and services, as well as in its corporate activities, including R&D, manufacturing and sales.

Introduction to AI-based Technologies

On the other hand, the inappropriate use of AI can cause various problems, including privacy or human rights violations. In our view, the appropriate and active use of AI in the imaging technology field, where Konica Minolta’s roots and strengths, will lead to The Creation of New Value as stated in our corporate philosophy. To that end, we must establish an AI governance structure within the Company and improve the AI literacy of all employees. In addition, the use of AI that we encourage is not the restriction of modern technology use, but to assure that we use the technology safely and securely. To achieve our management vision and realize sustainable growth, we must provide reliable AI technologies, co-create with customers, partner companies, research institutions including universities, and actively participate in outside initiatives.

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Basic Concept

We seek to achieve a better, human-centric society through appropriate and active AI use.

As a company that operates globally, we share a common Groupwide understanding of the appropriate use of AI, and we will work together to achieve a better, more human-centric society through its active use. We instituted a basic policy in June 2021 based on this underlying approach.

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Our Vision

Establish AI Governance Structure and Improve Employees’ AI Literacy

To ensure that we use AI in accordance with the basic policy at Konica Minolta, we will establish an internal AI governance structure and conduct risk assessments in each department. We will also conduct risk assessments throughout the entire lifecycle, from the planning stage to the operational stage.
In addition, to improve all employees’ AI use literacy, we will provide AI use training every year. We will also provide training tailored to a specified target, including those who conduct risk assessments and those in leadership positions. Moreover, we will hold lectures by internal and external experts for employees to keep them well-informed about the use and application of AI.
The above initiatives are already underway at Japan Group companies, and we will gradually expand them to Group companies in other regions and countries.

Collaboration with Customers, Partner Companies, and Research Institutions Including Universities

Through the exchange of information with customers, partner companies, and research institutions including universities, and participation in related organizations, we will cooperate with stakeholders to help achieve a human-centric and sustainable world.
In addition, we will submit and present academic studies to widely communicate our efforts to the world, collect the latest information, and exchange views that will lead to further improvement.

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AI Governance Structure

To ensure that we appropriately use and apply AI throughout the Konica Minolta Group, we have established the Responsible AI Office, a cross-Company organization consisting of all divisions involved in the use and application of AI.
In cooperation with those appointed to be in charge of promoting AI use in each business division, the Responsible AI Office supports developers to conduct proper risk assessments at the product planning stage, and also trains and educates all employees.

The AI Ethics Review Committee, which consists of the directors in charge of the divisions involved in AI use, internal AI technology experts, and external AI ethics experts, reviews the results of the risk assessments submitted by each division. The AI Ethics Review Committee meets every other month to review such matters and to share the latest information on social trends regarding AI use, which helps to improve our Companywide initiatives.

Risk Assessment

We have created our own in-house checklist for the use and application of AI with reference to various guidelines. When we use AI for new products or services, each division conducts a risk assessment at the product planning stage using this checklist, and the AI Ethics Review Committee reviews the results to reduce the risk of problems arising from the inappropriate use of AI. We regularly review and improve the checklist as we accumulate case studies with various teams including business divisions.

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In-House Training

Since fiscal 2021, we have been working to improve the AI literacy of employees by providing in-house training for all Japan Group company employees to put our basic policy into action considering the AI ethics-related problems arising in society and our approach to them. To date, approximately 10,000 employees have taken the training. In addition to continuing our annual training for all employees, we will also provide specialized training tailored to a targeted audience including risk assessment personnel to improve their skills.

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