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The Evolution to Professional Talent

With the accelerating spread of digital transformation (DX) globally, Konica Minolta has been transforming its business from a product-oriented approach to a service-oriented approach that leverages images and data, seeking to continue growing as a company that is needed by society.
The most important asset to firmly establish this is the Company’s talent. In other words, what Konica Minolta looked for in talent in the past was the ability and skill to effectively utilize the assets of its product-oriented business, such as its production facilities. On the other hand, to develop a service-oriented business that leverages the power of digital technology, each employee must possess superior knowledge, expertise, and unique skills, understand individual customer issues, and act and think independently to solve problems in an environment without precedent; in other words, the Company’s needs professional talent.

For professional talent to perform at their very best as a group, it is necessary to both foster an organizational climate and culture to enable it, and to build systems and operations that elicit the strengths of each individual. We can maximize the performance of the organization by attracting, developing, and gaining the active participation of human resources based on these initiatives.

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