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Human Capital

Basic Concept

Developing Human Capital to Drive Value Creation

Konica Minolta is transforming into a digital company with insight into implicit challenges, which is to say that it uses digital technology to identify and solve implicit challenges faced by customers, recognizing this as key to achieving sustainable growth. In so doing, Konica Minolta provides value to the professionals who work for its corporate customers, which it believes will lead to solutions to challenges that people and society face. This is why Konica Minolta is working to strengthen the abilities of its employees, ensuring that individuals thrive. The Group is working to enhance every members productivity and creativity and to create environments where everyone stays motivated to grow.
Konica Minolta recognizes that good physical and mental health is critical to employees’ efforts to maximize their potential. Accordingly, the Group implements a strong health management program and is pursuing work-style reform and human resource management in order to support employees’ efforts to create customer value and accelerate self-directed growth.
By rolling out these initiatives globally, the Group seeks to maximize the potential of all of its professionals and enhance their capacity to create value.

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