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Konica Minolta's Approach

Background and Issues

To foster an organizational climate and culture where professional human resources are able to demonstrate high performance and actively participate, we have established two issues and are implementing measures.
1. Engagement Improvement
2. Ability to Integrate Management Team to Overcome Adversity


When all Group employees share the Konica Minolta vision and tackle their jobs with a sense of purpose and take on challenges (engagement), they are contributing to customers, which then leads to sustainable growth for Konica Minolta. To pursue these kinds of reforms in the organization, the Group listens to the views of all of its employees and carries out improvements based on an understanding of its strengths and issues. The Group believes that this will lead to a corporate culture in which individuals can thrive. To that end, we recognize that top management needs to take the lead in building a team that takes initiative and can withstand adversity.

Key Measures and KPIs

Konica Minolta conducts the Global Employee Survey (GES) to assess its organizational culture via employee engagement scores — which measure whether engagement, the long-term vision, and strategy have been personalized, whether individuals are thriving and whether the environment encourages them to thrive — and then takes action to improve each organization to enhance the competitiveness of the entire Group.

  Result Target
Engagement score* GES designing 6.4
(GES implementation Problem identification and goal setting)
6.6 GES implementation 10% increase in engagement score (compared to FY 2021) 7.7
(Industry average)
Industry top 25%
Response rate - 90.8% 85% -
Average score of responses to the question “How likely is it you would recommend Konica Minolta as a place to work?” in the GES (Global Employee Survey) on a scale of 0 to 10. (This has been corrected due to an error in the question description. The same question has been used in the evaluation since FY2021.)

Resonance with Management Vision and Six Values


In September 2020, Konica Minolta formulated “Imaging to the People,” a long-term management vision statement toward the year 2030. The Company's business activities are based on a system of philosophy consisting of its management philosophy "Creation of New Value," which remained unchanged since its establishment in 2003, its management vision “Imaging to the People," which describes its vision for 2030, and its corporate culture "Six Values," which are the source of its value creation.

Practicing the Six Values of the Konica Minolta Philosophy

The Six Values of the Konica Minolta Philosophy are meant to be practiced by employees as a cornerstone of their daily activities. The Group believes this can lead to a continual supply of new value for society and customers, as indicated in the Philosophy.

RETHINK Communications

RETHINK was chosen as the behavioral slogan to encourage each individual employee to take action to live up to the new Konica Minolta Philosophy, which adds “Imaging to the People” to the management vision. As each Konica Minolta Group employee “rethinks,” they help to power One Konica Minolta and accelerate the achievement of the long-term vision and medium-term management plan. Konica Minolta also proposes the RETHINK concept to customers, seeking to grow together with them and contribute to society.

Konica Minolta Awards

Through its global award system (Business Contribution Awards, Transform Awards), Konica Minolta singles out cases worthy of commendation and seeks to share the same values Group-wide. This creates a culture of recognition and fosters a willingness to take up challenges. In particular, the Transform Awards recognize employee approaches and activities that involve taking on the challenge of creating new value and proposing new solutions for society and customers. They also encourage a global groundswell in which the entire company acquires the same expertise and utilizes it in the workplace.
Konica Minolta, Inc. reflects these principles in its human resources system so that employees always consider the Six Values in their actions.
The Group is transforming its corporate culture to foster employee practice of the Six Values.

Transform Awards presentation
Transform Awards presentation

Implementation of the Global Employer Survey and Continuous Improvement Activities in Each Region

To foster an organizational climate and workplace environment that encourages employees to experience "job fulfillment and to take on challenges (engagement)," we conduct the Global Employee Survey (GES) of employees worldwide to visualize the current status of each organization and plan and steadily implement actions for improvement by measuring engagement. These efforts will improve the competitiveness of the entire Group.

Global Employee Survey

Result Target
FY2021 FY2022 FY2022 FY2025 FY2030
Engagement score* 6.4 6.6 GES implementation 10% increase in engagement score (Compared to FY 2021) 7.7 (Industry average) Industry top 25%
Response rate 90.8% 85% -
Engagement score: Average score of responses to the question “How likely is it you would recommend Konica Minolta as a place to work?” in the GES (Global Employee Survey) on a scale of 0 to 10.(This has been corrected due to an error in the question description. The same question has been used in the evaluation since FY2021.)

In fiscal 2022, 85% of Group employees participated in the survey. The survey generated more than 170,000 comments, enabling us to continue to explore issues and plan and make improvements in each organization.
The Group's overall engagement score for fiscal 2022 was 6.6, a 0.2-point increase from fiscal 2021. Due to the business environment and other factors, we were unable to reach our target of a 10% increase over fiscal 2021. However, in the previous year’s survey, we identified companies and organizations with significantly low engagement scores and confirmed that scores increased through a review of the improvements and their reliable implementation.

In addition, to improve overall engagement, we have shared positive examples of companies (domestic and overseas) and organizations with remarkable engagement score improvements at management meetings and online within the Company and promoted their implementation across our companies and organizations.
To improve engagement from a medium- to long-term perspective, we have appointed a person in charge within the human resources department (inviting employees from overseas sales companies with knowledge and experience in engagement to Japan) who has conducted interviews with management and employees regarding effective actions. In addition, while referring to positive examples from other companies, we formulate strategies and measures and deploy them Company-wide.

Positive example: Improvement at a Japanese sales company
Having positioned the improvement of engagement as a key measure in our medium-term strategy, we have developed our own survey in addition to the survey (annual) conducted by Konica Minolta Group companies. With various departments involved, the survey results are analyzed to accurately identify company and organizational issues including: (1) efforts to improve psychological safety; (2) development of measures to enhance organizational resilience; (3) stronger action for young employees; and (4) promotion of dialogue with employees including mid-career hires.

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Integration of Management Team: Implementation of Resilience Program

Resilience Program

Beginning in 2022, Konica Minolta, Inc. introduced a resilience program for its executive management team.
The program seeks not only to enhance the ability to adapt when facing difficulties, adversity, and high stress, but also to build a strong executive management team and spread its influence far and wide to create a vibrant organization.
This program, led by industrial physicians from inside and outside the company, seeks to help individuals and organizations achieve peak performance, enhance resilience, and integrate and harmonize participating executives through the formation of habits from four perspectives: body, emotion, thought, and attitude through an understanding of human characteristics based on medicine, psychology, and brain science.
The one-year program has transformed the behavior and values of the participating executives and has also promoted inter-organizational collaboration and synergy in operations.