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Konica Minolta Basic Policy on Corporate Citizenship

As a responsible global corporate citizen, Konica Minolta makes Group-wide efforts to address social issues that it can contribute to through its businesses to be an entity that is essential to society. We are also committed to contributing to the creation of a sustainable society by continually engaging in activities that meet local challenges in the various countries where it operates.

Konica Minolta's Philosophy and Social Contribution

In order for a company to be sustainable, it must continue to grow while helping to solve the challenges facing society. In other words, it must create value for both its business and the broader society.

Companies today are increasingly expected to address various social issues, such as those identified by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in September 2015.

In fiscal 2020, Konica Minolta established a long-term management vision for 2030 and summarized it with the phrase “Imaging to the People.” The Company clarified the direction of its medium and long-term value creation for solving social issues. By backcasting from its vision for 2030, it formulated the medium-term business plan, DX2022, and in fiscal 2023, it formulated a new medium-term business plan with fiscal 2025 as the final year. While supporting business transformation for the people who work on the frontlines of various industries and sectors, Konica Minolta seeks to build a world where more people can lead fulfilling lives and feel motivated and happy.

As a citizen of the world, Konica Minolta aims to become vital to society, not only by providing new value through its business but also by solving social challenges.

Konica Minolta's Contribution Fields and Strategy

Konica Minolta looks ahead to anticipate social issues 10 years from now and articulates the social value it must provide to help solve them. The company has identified important material issues for priority focus. The aim is to better align business activities with resolution of social issues.

In relation to its business strategy, Konica Minolta also set its strategic fields of social contribution:

  • Healthcare — Konica Minolta supports the aging societies and the health of working women with its technologies. It aims to detect disease early, improve the quality of life for every individual, and support healthy, high-quality living.
  • Environment — as a manufacturer, Konica Minolta not only works on responsible production in the scope of its value chain, but also expanding its contribution to local communities and external parties in order to reduce the environmental impact of society as a whole.
  • Education and academics — Konica Minolta is helping to provide science and engineering education for the next generation of young people who will lead the development of the digital society of tomorrow. The company also makes broad contributions to technological progress through academic societies and the Konica Minolta Science and Technology Foundation.

Konica Minolta believes that contributing in the above fields using its resources and expertise is part of its efforts to help achieve of the SDGs and is for the greater good.

Konica Minolta’s Social Contribution Achievements

During the fiscal 2022 (the fiscal year ended March 2023), Konica Minolta group companies worldwide collectively made financial contributions of approximately 187 million JPY, in-kind donations of 55 million JPY equivalent, and manpower participation of 84 million JPY equivalent through its social contribution activities.