Konica Minolta’s GMP02 Inspection Support Solution Receives Technology of the Year Award at ONE Future Awards

Apr 26, 2024

Tokyo (April 26, 2024) – Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) announced that Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc., its 100%-owned subsidiary based in New Jersey, U.S., received the 2024 ONE Future Awards Technology of the Year award (Production category) at the ONE Future’s 7th Annual Methane & Climate Strategies Workshop for the GMP02 Inspection Support Solution. The ONE Future Awards program is hosted by Our Nation’s Energy Future (ONE Future), a coalition of U.S. natural gas companies committed to the reduction of methane emissions, which is a major social issue of global concern.

The purpose of the 2024 ONE Future Awards is to recognize individuals and organizations that have had a positive impact on the fight against the environmental challenges that face the natural gas industry with their technologies and support activities. The Technology of the Year award is given to organizations that contribute to reducing emissions along the natural gas value chain through technologies and innovations.

The awarding of the 2024 Technology of the Year to GMP02, which combines Konica Minolta’s core technologies of optical design and image processing, is proof that this product is recognized as a trusted inspection tool by many oil and gas companies in the U.S. for its ability to identify the location and amount of gas leaks with exceptional accuracy and reliability.

Konica Minolta’s Inspection Support Solution

The GMP02 Inspection Support Solution, which Konica Minolta is rolling out in the U.S. market, is characterized by its ability to visualize hydrocarbon gases and promptly identify the location of gas leaks, as well as quantify the volume of leaks of some types of gases, even in environments in which conventional gas detectors cannot easily achieve satisfactory performance by themselves, such as places exposed to strong wind, high places and high-temperature facilities. GMP02 also enables users to repair gas leaks while monitoring the leaks on a real-time basis using an extended device such as a tablet, and thus meets the requirements of the Leak Detection And Repair (LDAR) Program, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires companies to implement to control the emissions of global warming gases.

Photo courtesy of Colorado State
University METEC

Konica Minolta is committed to contributing to solving global warming and other social issues by leveraging its proprietary optical and image processing technologies, which enable the visualization of the invisible, such as gas leaks.

Konica Minolta’s Inspection Support Solution (North America website)

■About ONE Future

ONE Future was formed when seven companies came together in 2014 with a focus to collectively achieve a science-based average rate of methane emissions across their facilities equivalent to one percent or less of total natural gas production. ONE Future has grown to almost 50 companies accounting for some of the largest natural gas producers, transmission, and distribution companies in the U.S since their formation. ONE Future members operate in 25 out of the 38 production basins and have distribution operations in 36 out of the 50 states, other segments of the value chain operate in multiple regions of the country as well. Therefore, ONE Future’s data represent a geographically diverse and material share of the U.S. natural gas supply chain.