Visualize Gas Leaks

The GMP01 (our OGI system) quickly and clearly visualizes gas leaks at oil & gas facilities, preventing serious accidents and ensuring safe and stable operations.

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Gain insight
from Data Analysis

Data is accumulated in the Inspection Data Manager.
You're able to compare and analyze past inspection videos
to help predict future operational malfunctions.

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Our Inspection Support Solution ensures four aspects for safe and stable operations.


Lower the risk of accidents by detecting early signs of a potential failure.


Optimize the maintenance schedule to maximize your production capacity.


Determine the best and most effective repair method based on past inspection and repair history.


Efficiently organize and manage inspection data.

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Oct. 1. 2019Announcement
Konica Minolta will join Shale Insight 2019 (Oct.22nd-24th) as an exhibitor.
May. 15. 2019Announcement
The GMP01 was certified as AIMM by Colorado State government.
Mar. 1. 2019Announcement
Konica Minolta launched Inspection Support Solution (the GMP01).

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