Do you have any problems with gas leak inspection work?

  • Overlooked gas leaks?
  • Lack of experienced gas leak detection inspectors?
  • Too much time spent managing data?
  • Inspection records exceeding capacity of server storage?

Our gas leak detection solution enables a more efficient inspection process
with our GMP01 camera system and better data management with our cloud service.

How we can innovate the gas leak inspection process

Make inspections more accurate

Lower the risk of accidents

Simplify inspection data management

What makes our gas detection camera unique?

Our gas leak detection camera GMP01 automatically processes images to remove non-gas interference,
while conventional OGI technology cannot distinguish a leak from so called "noise".
This technology makes inspection more accurate even with highly heated equipment.

without OGI camera

conventional OGI camera technology


Keep the inspection video and data in cloud and retrieve whenever you want.
Our cloud system also helps you to tag inspection information to each image.


Oct. 1. 2019Announcement
Konica Minolta will join Shale Insight 2019 (Oct.22nd-24th) as an exhibitor.
May. 15. 2019Announcement
GMP01 was certified as AIMM by Colorado State government.
Mar. 1. 2019Announcement
Konica Minolta launched Inspection Support Solution (GMP01).


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