Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging Camera : GMP02Data Management

Inspection Data Manager Inspection Assistance Tool

Smoother Data Management

The Inspection Data Manager(IDM) is a cloud service.
You can quickly browse the videos and relevant inspection data and gain insight into the operational status of your facility. Also, you can manage the inspection data on your PC with the Inspection Assistance Tool (IAT).
The IDM is also useful for facility operations complying with EPA LDAR regulations.

What you can do

Check inspection status

Remotely check the results of gas leaks.

Compare inspection results

Compare results with the
inspection history for use in
preparing facility maintenance plans.

Streamline data

Access inspection data anywhere* for use in
regulatory reviews and audits.

* The location with internet connectivity.

Process Breakdown

* Inspection data: Inspection date, location, facility name, etc.

System Features

  • IAT

    Add inspection information tags to videos

    Location inspection information can be linked to recorded videos for display.


    Simplified filtering with inspection conditions

    Use inspection conditions to filter past records for quick, easy searches.

    *Video courtesy of METEC - Colorado State University Energy Institute.

  • IDM

    Gas leak map display

    Display gas leak locations from inspection results on a map.


    Simultaneous, multiple video playback

    Simultaneously play back and compare videos with different inspection dates, image modes, and inspection facilities.

  • IAT

    Edit inspection data

    Correct and add inspection information and extract recorded gas leak videos for use in regulatory reviews and audits.

    *Video courtesy of METEC - Colorado State University Energy Institute.