Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging Camera : GMP02Visualization

Clear Visualization

Auto-Reduction of Noise

Reduces non-gas interference (noise), to provide the inspector with clearer imaging.
Non-gas interference and noise are automatically minimized allowing for the gas cloud to be more distinctive.

High Detectability

By unique image processing, gas plumes can be quickly and accurately identified, even from long range.
This can include complex equipment, operating under high temperatures, in confined spaces, which would otherwise go unnoticed.

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Multiple Image Modes

Inspect a facility in a variety of perspectives and analyze their operational status in depth.

  • Visible Image
  • Visible Gas Image
  • Thermal Image
  • Infrared Image
  • Gas-Enhanced AR Image
  • High Sensitivity AR Image
  • Gas Enhanced Image
  • High Sensitivity Image
  • Infrared Gas Image

*Image courtesy of METEC - Colorado State University Energy Institute.

Compressor A
Compressor B

Signs of a potential equipment or process issue (Thermal Image Mode)

Internal systems, such as compressor status, appears in a thermal distribution view. Compared to compressor A (normal operation), compressor B shows uneven thermal distribution, suggesting the possibility of internal malfunction and potential future malfunction of compressor B.

Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging Camera : GMP02Usability

Enhanced Portability

With its lightweight body and image stabilization function, the camera can be carried and inspected in a hand-held state. A higher degree of freedom to inspect in confined spaces, such as narrow compressor stations or the top of a tank, are now available.

Large Screen Display with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Connect your tablet, smartphone, or other smart device as an additional display. With this capability, the potential exists for a safety-conscious approach to monitoring a leak.

User-Friendly Interface

Switching between display screens and recording, can be executed smoothly and seamlessly, even with work gloves on. The comfortable side-grip and button design layout allow for relaxed field operation.

  • Top side
  • Left side
  • Back side

Easier Data Management

Inspection results can be uploaded to the cloud and accessed from anywhere in the world.


  • *The specification and the external appearance of our product is subject to change without notice.
  • *Battery life in specifications shows typical values.
  • *The color tone displayed on your computer monitor may differ from the actual tablet display screen.
  • *For quantification of the GMP02, the standard quantifiable gases are methane, propane and ethylene. Quantification is also available for ethane, propylene, butane and isobutane for option.

Export authorization of U.S. Government may be required for this camera under US Export Administration Regulations (EAR).