Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging Camera : GMP02Quantification

Accurate Quantification

GMP02 with an additional display device makes it possible to estimate a flow rate for a gas plume.
Quantification is beneficial for the reporting of GHG emissions and calculation of product loss from the line.

PATENTED: US20220034742

Simple Steps

  1. 1 Select Area
    Select the area of gas volume you want to measure (green rectangle).
  2. 2 Enter Distance
    Enter the distance to the object.
  3. 3 Select Gas Type
    Up to three types are available as standard, with four optional types available.
  4. 4 Enter Temperature
    After the camera automatically acquires and enters the temperature, tap the <START> button.
  5. Quantification
    The transit time is calculated from the gas flow rate to estimate the flow volume.

Applicable Area

High places, inaccessible hazardous areas, and indoor areas can also be measured

This technology is widely suitable for a number of scenarios. The video captured by GMP02 is easily quantifiable after wirelessly connecting it to any tablet or mobile phone. Since the method of quantification is image-based and embedded within the camera, it is possible to estimate emission amounts in high places, inaccessible hazardous areas, and even indoor areas.

*Video courtesy of METEC - Colorado State University Energy Institute.

Use Case

Applicable Gas Type

Standard:Methane, Propane, Ethylene
Option:Ethane, i-Butane, n-Butane, Propylene

Improved Accuracy

Sensitivity Map is included as a support function for enhancing quantitative accuracy.
This feature makes it easy to find an imaging location that is suitable to quantify the gas flow volume regardless of the operator’s skill level.

Accuracy Background

  • ➊ Red — Low
  • ➋ Yellow — Medium to Low
  • ➌ Colorless — High

*The sensitivity map displays the approximated accuracy of quantification by color.