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Precise Color Communication

Colorimeters offers a variety of outstanding functions.

The built-in light source and double-beam feedback system ensures uniform illumination of the object for all measurements, and data can be calculated based on CIE Standard Illuminant C or D65.

Measurement data is automatically stored at the time of measurement and can also be printed out.

RS-232C standard data communication can be performed to output data or control the colorimeter.

Measurement results are displayed not as subjective impressions but in precise numerical form in a variety of color spaces to allow easy, accurate communication with other people.

The illumination/viewing geometry is fixed to ensure uniform conditions for measurements.

The "observer" of the colorimeter is a set of three photocells filtered to closely match the CIE 1931 Standard Observer functions, so observer conditions are uniform for all measurements.

Since the colorimeter measures only the specimen (provided specimen is at least the specified minimum size), the effects of different specimen sizes or backgrounds are eliminated.

Color difference from a target color can be measured and instantly displayed in numerical form.

• Photo shows KONICA MINOLTA Chroma Meter CR-400 and CR-410.

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