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Precise Color Communication

Konica Minolta's Spectrophotometer series offers a wide range of functions and superior accuracy.

Data for a wide variety of CIE Illuminants are stored in memory to allow measurements under various illuminant conditions.

Measurement data is automatically stored at the time of measurement.

RS-232C standard data communication can be performed to output data or control the spectrophotometer.

Measurement results can be displayed on a spectral reflectance graph.

The illumination/viewing geometry is fixed to ensure uniform conditions for measurements.

The spectral sensor consists of numerous segments to measure the light at each wavelength interval for high accuracy.

Measurement data can be displayed numerically in a wide variety of color spaces, including Yxy, L*a*b*, Hunter Lab, etc.

Color difference from a target color can be measured and instantly displayed in numerical form or on a spectral reflectance graph.

• Photo shows Konica Minolta Spectrophotometer CM-2002.

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