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Konica Minolta's CSR Policy

Basic Concept

Konica Minolta aims to remain essential to society and worthy of its support while continuing to achieve robust growth through the practice of its management philosophy, “The Creation of New Value.” This is why the Group strives to contribute to the resolution of societal challenges by creating value that improves the quality of society through its business endeavors. Konica Minolta’s CSR activities are guided by this management philosophy and based on its Charter of Corporate Behavior. The Konica Minolta Group Guidance for the Charter of Corporate Behavior, which is shared globally, illustrates desirable behavior in each of the categories included in the Charter of Corporate Behavior as a basis for understanding and putting the Charter into practice. The Group Guidance articulates Konica Minolta’s commitment to acting in compliance with international social norms such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Global Compact, in which the company participates.

Relationship with Stakeholders

CSR Implementation System

The executive officer responsible for CSR is appointed by the Board of Directors, and carries authorities and duties concerning the entire Group’s CSR. The Corporate Communications and Branding Division, which reports to this executive officer, sees to the implementation of the Group’s CSR management. This division also coordinates with corporate planning and management divisions within the Group to establish and monitor the progress of priority goals for CSR activities and to oversee the disclosure of information to the public.
Corporate Social Responsibility Operations, an organization under the direction of the executive officer responsible for environmental management, safety, and quality control, oversees these important themes across CSR activities. It holds meetings of management committees in each of these three areas to create Group policies, construct systems, and manage progress. It also provides information and supports policy measures in close coordination with other divisions. Every week, the head of the CSR, Corporate Communications and Branding Division submits a report on the progress of CSR activities to the executive officer responsible for CSR, in which policy measures are reviewed and proposals made. The Management Council and other bodies also meet in a timely fashion to discuss matters of importance and keep CSR front and center in management.

Supporting the UN Global Compact

In December 2008, Konica Minolta signed the United Nations Global Compact. The Global Compact identifies ten universal principles on human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption, and requires companies around the world to support and abide by these principles.
The signing of this agreement reaffirms Konica Minolta's commitment to pursuing its efforts in corporate social responsibility. Guided by these ten principles, as well as its management philosophy and the Charter of Corporate Behavior, Konica Minolta aims to further advance its Group-wide efforts to help achieve the sustainable development of societies, not only by complying with relevant laws and regulations, but also promoting its CSR procurement and global environmental activities.

Supporting the UN Global Compact

Support to the Nippon Keidanren Charter of Corporate Behavior

Konica Minolta, Inc. is a member of Nippon Keidanren (the Japan Business Federation) and respects its Charter of Corporate Behavior and the Implementation Guidance for Charter of Corporate Behavior (Version 6).

Establishing Priority Goals for CSR Activities

In establishing priority goals for CSR, Konica Minolta endeavored to understand the wishes and issues that are most important to stakeholders by analyzing feedback obtained by communicating with them in a variety of ways. It also considered international guidelines related to CSR, including the UN Global Compact and ISO 26000. Further, it summarized and organized risks and opportunities considered when formulating business plans in each business field. Based on the results, the Group selected the issues that are very important to society have a great impact on its business and established them as its priority goals. The CSR Report (print edition) outlines the specific measures being taken and the progress on the goals that are considered most important to stakeholders.

Third Party Recognition

Konica Minolta's CSR activities have received high marks from international rating organizations and other entities, as well as numerous awards.

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