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Relationship between Konica Minolta and Stakeholders

The Relationship between Konica Minolta and Stakeholders
  Characteristics of Stakeholders Tools and Opportunities for Communication
Customers Konica Minolta does business around the world. Major customers of Konica Minolta’s main business operations are corporations, government agencies, and hospitals. * Providing customer service via websites and call centers
* Providing product information via websites and newsletters
* Conducting customer satisfaction surveys
* Exchanging information via visits to customers
* Exchanging information at showrooms and trade shows
* Holding seminars
Business Partners Konica Minolta procures raw materials, parts and components from different companies depending on the type of business. The majority of these suppliers are located in Japan, China, and elsewhere in Asia. * Holding suppliers’ meetings
* Procurement Collaboration System
* Conducting CSR surveys (self-assessment questionnaires)
Shareholders and Investors Since Konica Minolta has relatively high ownership by institutional and foreign shareholders, the company is expected to take part in IR initiatives proactively on a worldwide basis. * Shareholders’ meetings
* Briefings for investors
* Visits to investors
* Briefings for business analysts and institutional investors
* Annual reports
* IR website
Employees Konica Minolta employs 43,332 people worldwide. Of those, 28% are in Japan, 23% are in Europe, 20% are in the USA, and 29% are in China and elsewhere in Asia, and others. (Figures are based on total regular employees of consolidated companies, as of March 31, 2016.) * Interactive intranet
* Group journal
* Employee attitude surveys
* Dialogue with labor unions
* Offering internal help line systems
* Exchanging opinions during inspection tours of production sites by senior staff
* Holding town meetings attended by senior staff
Local and Global Communities Konica Minolta operates in countries across the globe, and acts as a responsible member of every community where it operates. * Activities that contribute to local communities
* Community briefings and invitational events
* Sending speakers to lectures and places of education
* Industry group activities
* Environmental reports and websites
* Public relations activities through publishing international publications and websites
Global Environment As a manufacturer, Konica Minolta engages in various operations that impact the environment. For instance, it generates CO2 emissions, which contribute to climate change because of the use of materials derived from petroleum, which is a dwindling natural resource, and this affects ecosystems in various ways. * CSR reports, environmental reports, and websites
* Community briefings and explanatory meetings
* Collaboration with research institutions

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