Communication with Shareholders and Investors

Basic Concept

Promoting information disclosure actively based on the Charter of Corporate Behavior.

Konica Minolta believes that maximizing its corporate value is part of meeting the expectations of its shareholders and investors.
In order to maintain close relations with these stakeholders, Konica Minolta is working to ensure that they have a good understanding of all the Group's activities. This is achieved through proactive investor relations (IR) efforts in accordance with the concept of fair and timely disclosure of corporate information, as stated in the Konica Minolta Group Charter of Corporate Behavior.

Active deployment of investor relations activities

Actively engaging in IR activities for institutional and individual investors

Every quarter, Konica Minolta holds results briefings for securities analysts and institutional investors. Individual interviews and meetings are also held after these briefings, as necessary, to provide follow-up information. Konica Minolta also visits institutional investors and actively participates in investor conferences held by brokerages, both in Japan and overseas, in an ongoing effort to communicate directly with investors.
In recent years, ESG investment, which considers corporate approaches to the environment, society, and governance in addition to financial performance, has been rapidly growing. Konica Minolta proactively disseminates information in response to the interests of such investors.

Implementation Status of Various Briefings (FY2020)
Financial Results Briefing Session Every quarter
IR day 2 meetings
Investor conference 6 meetings (4 in Japan, 1 in the U.S., I in Hong Kong)
Private Investor Briefings (President and CEO) 1 meeting (online)
Private Investor Briefings (Senior executive officer in charge of investor relations) 1 meeting (online)
Small meetings
President and CEO)
4 meetings
Securities analysts and institutional investors: 72 participants
Business presentation 1 meeting (online)
Briefing of precision medicine business
Securities analysts and institutional investors: 125 participants
Individual meetings A total of around 400 meetings (130 companies)

IR Activities by Top Management

Konica Minolta's top management is actively involved in dialogues with analysts and large institutional investors both in and outside Japan, and the disclosing of information.

Fiscal 2019 marked the final year of the Medium Term Business Plan SHINKA 2019, and the results of new businesses and core/growth businesses promoted as part of Konica Minolta's TRANSFORM strategy were examined. However, it turned out to be a tough year due to internal factors such difficulty in reducing manufacturing costs as planned. Challenging external factors included an economic slump in Europe that has continued since the second half of fiscal 2018, as well as U.S.-China trade friction and the resulting economic slowdown in those two countries.
Against this backdrop of environmental changes, Konica Minolta has been expanding opportunities to communicate directly with investors, such as briefing sessions and small meetings that the President and CEO himself briefs, as well as individual conversations with investors worldwide. The communication has covered measures to be achieved by fiscal 2020 and for the establishment of a strong management foundation, as well as the company's medium and long-term perspectives and approaches to its business and industry environments. Konica Minolta has been promoting strategies for business transformation based on these efforts.
The executive officer has also been actively engaged in dialogue and information sharing concerning Konica Minolta's management foundation, including intangible assets to grow sustainably. While the Chairman of the Board and an outside director have held governance meetings, the executive officers in charge of each business segment have also held briefings. They explained environmental initiatives and efforts to develop their business segments using the company's common core technologies and customer asset strengths.
Each year, a growing number of investors are taking non-financial information into consideration, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities, when making investment decisions. Therefore, it has become increasingly important for senior management, including representative executives, to directly communicate with investors and share information with them. Under the next medium-term business plan to be announced in fiscal 2020, Konica Minolta will continue to increase opportunities for both executives and representative executives to engage in direct investor dialogues worldwide, while promoting briefings and tours. The aim is for investors to be able to better understand and support Konica Minolta's sustainable growth, which is vital to society.

Strengthening the Dissemination of Information

In fiscal 2019, Konica Minolta continued to enhance the sharing of relevant information with investors through its IR website and Integrated Report. These efforts have been applauded by external organizations.
With the revamping the IR website in March 2018, the aim has been to continually provide information to shareholders and investors that is easy to understand. As a result, the site ranked first last year among listed companies in the Gomez IR Website Ranking, winning the gold medal for the seventh consecutive year. Subsequently, the Nikko IR Website Enhancement Ranking recognized it as the best website for the ninth consecutive year. Thus, the Konica Minolta IR website has continued to receive high praise from these major evaluation organizations.
In recent years, the source of corporate value has shifted from tangible to intangible assets, and non-financial information has become increasingly important, especially to the investment decisions of medium and long-term investors. There is also a growing number of indices for ESG investing and investors are moving toward the incorporation ESG information into investment decisions. Accordingly, an ESG page was added to Konica Minolta's IR website to enhance the sharing of its non-financial information.
The Integrated Report 2019 has once again been well received by external stakeholders. This is thanks to efforts such as enhanced disclosure and sharing of non-financial information, including intangible assets such as human resources and intellectual property, as well as disclosure based on the framework created by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). The company's information sharing is promoted using a consistent story of value creation with reference to the Guidance for Collaborative Value Creation issued by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Konica Minolta won the Excellence in Integrated Reporting Prize for the second consecutive year at the 2019 WICI Japan Award for Excellence in Integrated Reporting. For the third consecutive year, the company was also recognized for having an excellent integrated report by external asset managers of Japan's Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF).

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

Committed to fair and timely information disclosure and proactive dissemination of information

In order to ensure fair and timely disclosure of IR information, Konica Minolta has an investor relations section on the Group's website which is updated regularly with the latest information. Available in Japanese and English, the site provides results information, financial data, and other materials. After every quarterly results announcement, videos of briefings, briefing materials with comments, and the main Q&A content are released on the website.

Corporate Governance Report

The June 2015 adoption of a Corporate Governance Code has resulted in greater emphasis being placed on corporate governance initiatives. The company's views on corporate governance, which it has worked on actively since the early days of management integration, were compiled into a Corporate Governance Report and disclosed on the Japanese and English websites.

Measures to Vitalize the General Shareholder Meetings and Smooth Exercise of Voting Rights.

Early Notification of General Shareholder Meeting

The Company sends the convocation notices at least three weeks in advance of the scheduled date of the General Shareholder Meeting to shareholders in order to enable them to have sufficient time to deliberate on the proposed Agenda of Items. Simultaneously, the convocation notices and its English translation is posted on the Company's website.

Scheduling AGMs to Avoid the Peak Day

The meeting is scheduled to avoid the peak day so that as many shareholders as possible can attend.

Allowing Electronic Exercise of Voting Rights

Shareholder scan exercise voting rights via the Internet by accessing the website for exercising voting rights designated by the Company through a personal computer, smartphone or cellular phone.
Japanese and overseas institutional investors can vote by using ICJ's electronic voting platform. However, pre-registration is required for the use of the platform.

Participation in Electronic Voting Platform

The Company posts convocation notices and its English translation on ICJ's electronic voting platform. Japanese and overseas institutional investors who have pre-registered for the use of the platform can directly access the contents of the convocation notices for deliberation, thus enhancing their convenience.

Providing Convocation Notice in English

As explained above, the Company posts English translations of convocation notices on the website. In addition, English translations of convocation notices are also placed on the electronic voting platform.

IR Newsletter

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