Business domains

Konica Minolta's business consists of the Digital Workplace, Professional Print, Industry, and Healthcare businesses, and operates in four business areas, with imaging at its core.

Digital Workplace business

Visualize business issues of work flows in various industries and utilize DX to support solving the issues.

Line of Business
OfficeProvision of color MFPs and input/output solutions for document workflows
DW-DXIT services and digitalization support for small and medium-sized enterprises, and video and image analysis services for offices
Target Customers
Private companies
Government agencies
Educational institutions
Genre-top Products
A3 color MFPsTop share in about 40 countries around the world A3 color MFPs

Professional Print Business

Support to enhance productivity in printing sites and contribute to carbon emission reduction in production, storage and transportation process.

Line of Business
Production printProvision of toner-based digital color printing presses and workflow solutions for printing sites
Industrial printProvision of B2 inkjet printing machines, label printing machines, embellishment press, and textile printing machines
Target Customers
Printing companies
Label/Packaging printing companies
Apparel manufacturers
Genre-top Products
Color digital pressTop class share in about 40 countries around the world (No. 1 or 2) Color digital press

Healthcare Business

Support diagnosis in early stage and early detection of diseases by digitalization of medical services and lighten burden in the medical institutions

Line of Business
Medical imaging(Healthcare)Provision of digital X-ray diagnostic imaging systems, ultrasound diagnostic imaging systems, and medical IT services such as PACS
Precision medicineProvision of genetic testing services
Target Customers
Hospitals and Clinics
Pharmaceutical companies
Genre-top Products
Cassette DR (Digital X-ray diagnostic imaging systems)Top class share in the Japanese clinic market
Diagnostic ultrasound systemsTop class share in the Japanese orthopedic market Cassette DR (Digital X-ray diagnostic imaging systems),Diagnostic ultrasound systems

Industry Business

Support automation and labor saving in manufacturing process and contribute to utlizing limited resources effectively through reduction of losses

Line of Business
SensingProvision of various measuring devices such as light source color and object color measurement and visual inspections
Performance materialsProvision of functional films for displays
Inkjet (IJ) componentsProvision of IJ heads and ink
Optical componentsProvision of various lenses
Imaging-IoT solutionsProvision of surveillance cameras and Gas Monitoring Solutions, development and provision of services using the imaging-IoT platform FORXAI
Visual solutionsDevelopment, production, and operation of planetariums
Target Customers
Display industry
Printing industry
Automotive industry
Electronic components and parts industry
Social infrastructure (including plants)
Genre-top Products
Light source color measuring instrumentsMore than 50% share in global measuring instruments for displays Light source color measuring instruments
VA-TAC film for LCD TVsTop class market share in the world VA-TAC film for LCD TVs