Message from the President

Evolving into a company clearly committed to solving social issues by leveraging the imaging technologies developed and refined since our foundation

With the acceleration of ground-breaking innovation across industries caused by the prolonged pandemic, worsening global environmental problems, and social divisions caused by conflicting opinions, we are living in unprecedented times, where people’s values and behavioral patterns, as well as the business environment, are undergoing drastic changes.

Under our philosophy of “The Creation of New Value,” Konica Minolta has continued to respond to social demands and pursue new values to meet the changing times. Although we are in another period of revolutionary changes, we remain unchanged in our commitment to expanding growth in the measurement, inspection and diagnosis fields centering on our strengths in imaging IoT, pursuing genre-top position required by the customers, and delivering meaningful value to society by leveraging the imaging and color technologies we have developed and refined through the company’s 150-year history.

We believe that contributing to the realization of a sustainable society, or a society where everyone can live with a sense of purpose, is the only way to achieve the sustainable growth of the company. In other words, by working for the sustainability of society, we can make our own company more sustainable.

Konica Minolta will actively transform its business portfolio as envisioned in our long-term vision and the Medium-term Business Plan, and listen sincerely to the voices of our stakeholders, including customers, employees, communities, shareholders, and business partners to help solve global environmental issues, while improving the quality of life of people everywhere and helping them find meaning in life. In doing so, we remain committed to enhancing the corporate value of Konica Minolta.

Looking ahead to society in 2030 and beyond, I am determined to lead Konica Minolta’s transformation into a company clearly committed to solving social issues, and to keep the company growing strongly, thereby meeting the expectations of our stakeholders.

Toshimitsu Taiko
President & CEO
Konica Minolta, Inc.