Our Vision

Imaging to the People

Imagine doing work you love – feeling inspired and
changing the world.
Imagine a society where we work and put our passions into creating.
Imagine everyone generating energy that transforms humankind.

When confronted with adversity, re-imagine possibilities.
Our unique imaginations drive us and breathe creativity into our work, transforming our craft into elevated life value - one of fulfilment above efficiency.

We strive to bring fulfilment to our customers, their customers,
and the professionals in between. We draw many strengths from many people as we work for a better world.

From film and cameras to multifunctional peripherals and services, we’ve always made the invisible visible.
We’ve brought revolutions to both hardware and software, and made our mark on imaging.
However, it’s not the things we’ve done that move people. It’s excitement and discovery.
We make tools for people to explore the world.

Society changes. Business changes. People change.
Change is the engine of experimentation and the launchpad to explore new fields and shape the future with our customers.

Not everyone looks to tomorrow with our optimism, but not everyone is driven by challenges.
Our investment is in humanity and in building a better world, and it all began with an image of reality re-imagined.

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We continue our pursuit of human-centric living, responding to individualized needs and the needs of a diverse society.
At the same time, in order to realize a sustainable society while resolving social issues that are yet to be seen, we have defined five material issues that can create value also considering opportunity and risk as well.
We will transform the power of imaging into a force for people and society in the future.

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Initiatives for five material issues

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