At a glance

Photographic film

Making the most of our diverse technologies and innovations since its establishment in 1873, Konica Minolta has been expanding its businesses in various fields.

Core technologies supporting our business

  • MaterialsMaterials
  • OpticsOptics
  • Nano-fabricationNano-fabrication
  • ImagingImaging

Fulfilling the desires of customers around the world to "see" and creating new value

Driving genre-top strategies across four businesses and contributing to solve social issues

  • Visualize business issues of work flows in various industries and utilize DX to support solving the issues.

    Digital Workplace Business

    A3 color MFPs
    Top share in about 40 countries around the world
  • Support to enhance productivity in printing sites and contribute to carbon emission reduction in production, storage and transportation process.

    Professional Print Business

    Color digital printers
    Top class share in about 40 countries around the world
    (No. 1 or 2)
  • Support diagnosis in early stage and early detection of diseases by digitalization of medical services and lighten burden in the clinical environment

    Healthcare business

    Cassette DR (Digital X-ray diagnostic imaging systems)
    Top class share in the Japanese clinic market
    Diagnostic ultrasound systems
    Top class share in the Japanese orthopedic market
  • Support automation and labor saving in manufacturing process and contribute to utilizing limited resources effectively through reduction of losses

    Industry Business

    Light source color measuring instruments
    More than 50% share in global measuring instruments for displays
    VA-TAC film for LCD TVs
    Top class market share in the world

Revenue by segments

  • Digital Workplace Business

  • Professional Print Business

  • Healthcare business

  • Industry Business


Consolidated revenue by regions

The company is based in about 50 countries in the world and develops business in approximately150 countries. Engagement with customers all over the world is our asset for building our strength and foundation for our sustainable growth.

Consolidated revenue 1.1304 trillion yen(FY2022). 16% Japan, 30% North America, 29% Europe, 25% Asia Pacific (Excluding Japan), Others.

Solving social issues (material issues) in various industries by doing business with people working on-site, then seeking sustainable growth

Commitment to imaging, which is constantly evolving, and creating value for society

  • Improving fulfillment in work and corporate dynamism

  • Supporting healthy, high-quality living

  • Ensuring social safety and security

  • Addressing climate change

  • Using limited resources effectively