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2016.12.20News Release
Konica Minolta Launches the AeroDR 3 1417HD, a New Cassette-type High Resolution Digital X-ray System
2016.12.07News Release
Konica Minolta Launches Multilingual Communication Support Service for Medical Institutions in Japan
2016.11.24News Release
Konica Minolta Launches New Probes with Cutting Edge of Technologies – SONIMAGE HS1/HS1 PRO and SNiBLE
2016.11.07News Release
Konica Minolta Opens a Strategic Business Base in France to Strengthen Its Industrial Printing Business
2016.11.04News Release
Konica Minolta Given the Highest Evaluation by CDP and Included on the Climate A List 2016
2016.10.31Financial Results
Presentation Slides for 2Q / March 2017 Consolidated Financial Results
2016.10.31Financial Results
2nd Quarter Financial Results for FY ending March 31, 2017
2016.10.03News Release
Konica Minolta Named to Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for Five Consecutive Years
2016.09.29News Release
Konica Minolta Wins Good Design Award 2016 for Three Product Families
2016.09.28News Release
Konica Minolta Launches Two Spectrophotometer Models Tailored to the Needs for Color Control of Automobile Exterior and Interior Parts
2016.09.23IR Materials
Annual Report 2016
2016.09.07IR Materials
Intellectual Property Report 2016
2016.09.01News Release
Konica Minolta Enhances Its Production Print Business in Korea
2016.08.31News Release
Notice on the Issuance of Subscription Rights to Shares as Stock Options
2016.08.16News Release
Notice on the Allotment of Subscription Rights to Shares as Stock Options
2016.07.28Financial Results
Presentation Slides for 1Q / March 2017 Consolidated Financial Results
2016.07.28Financial Results
1st Quarter Financial Results for FY ending March 31, 2017
2016.06.30News Release
Konica Minolta Launches Excellent Green Factory Certification System
2016.06.20Shareholders' Meeting
Notice of Resolutions of the 112th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
2016.06.20Shareholders' Meeting
Results of Shareholders Voting Rights at the 112th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
2016.06.10News Release
Konica Minolta Forms Advisory Board
2016.06.06News Release
Konica Minolta Launches Joint Research with Institut Pasteur and BioAxial in Developing Support System for Pharmaceutical Development
2016.06.02News Release
Konica Minolta Acquires ProcessFlows to Enhance Hybrid Sales Structure and Customer Services
2016.06.02News Release
Two Konica Minolta Products Win EDP Awards 2016
2016.05.19Shareholders' Meeting
Notice of Convocation of the 112th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
2016.05.12Financial Results
Presentation Slides for March 2016 Consolidated Financial Results
2016.05.12Financial Results
Financial Results for FY ended March 31, 2016
2016.05.12News Release
Notice of Difference between Forecast and Actual Financial Results for the Year Ended March 31, 2016
2016.05.10News Release
Konica Minolta to Showcase Its Products at drupa 2016
2016.04.26IR event
Mid Term Business Strategy
2016.04.14News Release
Konica Minolta to Drive Digital Manufacturing toward Future Business
2016.04.06News Release
Konica Minolta to Introduce 2-in-1 Imaging Colorimeter LumiCol 1900
2016.04.05News Release
Konica Minolta to Invest for Additional Stake in MGI and Strengthen Industrial Printing Business
2016.03.29News Release
Konica Minolta to Acquire Majority Stake in MOBOTIX, Cutting-edge Technology Company in Germany
2016.03.22News Release
Konica Minolta to Exhibit New Services for Reference at Pioneers Asia
2016.03.18News Release
Shoei Yamana, President and CEO of Konica Minolta, Gives Keynote Speech at CeBIT 2016
2016.03.18News Release
KonicaMinolta to Create New Business Fields and New Business Opportunities through Supporting "Starat-up Activities"
2016.03.16News Release
Konica Minolta Acquires Meridian Imaging Solutions to Reinforce its Business Base
2016.02.18News Release
Konica Minolta Announces Appointment/Reappointment of Directors and Executive Officers
2016.02.18News Release
Konica Minolta Announces Appointment of the President of Konica Minolta Japan, Inc.
2016.02.15News Release
Konica Minolta to Establish a New Domestic Company to Offer New Value to Customers by Leveraging Group-Wide Resources
2016.01.28Financial Results
Presentation Slides for 3Q / March 2016 Consolidated Financial Results
2016.01.28Financial Results
3rd Quarter Financial Results for FY ending March 31, 2016
2016.01.25News Release
Konica Minolta Ranked First Place for Two Consecutive Years at the 19th Nikkei Environmental Management Survey
2016.01.25News Release
Konica Minolta Awarded RobecoSAM Silver Class
2016.01.18News Release
Konica Minolta to Acquire Dactyl Buro and OMR Acquisition to strengthen customer base in France
2016.01.07News Release
2016 New Year's Greetings from the President, Shoei Yamana

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