Our product brand for digital printing system using the inkjet technology. Achieved important functions as production machines such as "high image quality," "diversity of print media," "stability," and "high productivity."


Our product brand for label printer. Achieved high performance, including productivity and color reproduction, despite being compact.


Our product brand for digital printing system using an electronic photography system. Deployed color/monochrome machines.


The FPD (flat panel detector) that we sell.
AeroDR PREMIUM, which went on sale in August 2014, is a wireless cassette-type digital X-ray system that can transmit image data wirelessly, and at 2.6 kg is one of the world's lightest of its kind.
It is highly regarded by many in the medical field for its high-quality performance even at low doses.
In addition to being lightweight and robust, the AeroDR offers high sensitivity, high definition, and good connectivity with other manufacturers' X-ray equipment.
The original model in the AeroDR series, launched in March 2011, was awarded a 2011 Good Design Award.

Ambry Genetics company

With state-of-the-art genetic diagnostic technologies, it has advanced product development capabilities, diverse test items, advanced test processing capabilities, and its overwhelming strength in the genetic counselor channel. With this backdrop, it is one of the leading conmapny in the U.S. genetic testing market, particularly in the rapidly growing oncology field.
Converted to Konica Minolta's consolidated subsidiary in 2017.



Our product brand for general office MFPs. It is a word we coined to evoke the center and core (hub) of a business. The new product line which features enhanced security launched as bizhub i-Series in 2019.



Healthcare program which is aimed to prevent the infection of COVID-19. It offers safety and security to employees and citizens through counselling with AI technology, PCR testing, and telemedicine.

CARE Program

Program to provide total support for effective pick-up and genetic diagnostics of the high-risk group of genetic breast cancer.

Centralized Reprographic (Department)

Department responsible for all printing and copying business in government agencies and large enterprises. Also called CRD.

Color production print Machine Segments

ELPP(Entry Light Production Print, Monthly printing volume: 1-0.3 million sheets for low-priced products mainly for large companies' centralized printing rooms)
LPP(Light Production Print, Monthly printing volume: 0.1-0.3 million sheets for commercial printers)
MPP(Mid Production Print , Monthly printing volume: 30-1 million sheets for commercial printing products)
HPP(Heavy Production Print , Monthly printing volume:1 million sheets or more for commercial printing products)

Commercial Printer

Abbreviated CP.
Encompasses both plate printing (analog printing), mainly in the form of traditional offset printing, and on-demand printing using light digital printing machines. With the digitization of the market, we have been accelerating the expansion of the scale of our business in this domain.


Abbreviation for Commercial Printer.
Encompasses both plate printing (analog printing), mainly in the form of traditional offset printing, and on-demand printing using light digital printing machines. With the digitization of the market, we have been accelerating the expansion of the scale of our business in this domain.


Abbreviation for Computed Radiography. Refers to X-ray radiography that uses an imaging plate instead of X-ray film. We manufacture and sell input devices for reading X-ray images (including plates using fluorescent material) as digital data.


Abbreviation for Centralized Reprographic Department.
Department responsible for all printing and copying business in government agencies and large enterprises.


Design Your Time!

Solution services supporting working style reforms.

Diagnostic ultrasound systems

Because diagnostic ultrasound systems have such advantages as enabling real-time diagnostic imaging and putting less physical burden on patients under repeated examinations due to their low-intrusion nature, they are used in a wide range of clinical fields. Further growth is expected in the market in the future. In July 2014, we launched the first product jointly developed with the ultrasound business unit of Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd., which was transferred to Konica Minolta. This product achieves the best resolution level in its class, delivering sharp and high-quality images that clearly show the fiber structure of nerve and muscle bundles tens to hundreds of microns in thickness. The series of products is released under the brand name “SONIMAGE.”

Digital Manufacturing

New manufacturing solutions based on ICT and the IoT that are not dependent on people, places, countries, or fluctuations.


Abbreviation for Digital Radiography. Also referred to as digital X-rays. A technique that detects the intensity distribution of the X-rays that pass through the body when an X-ray is taken, and then converts the data to a digital signal, which is processed by computer. Also refers to systems that do this.



This platform combines imaging technology with cutting-edge IoT and AI technologies to accelerate the digital transformation of society with customers and partners.


FPD often refers to flat panel displays. But in the medical segment, FPD refers to Flat Panel Detectors used in DR.FPD is credited with reducing patients' exposure to X-rays compared with CR, since it is possible in principle to obtain high-sensitivity diagnostic image quality with a lower X-ray dose. Our AeroDR product, a cassette-type digital X-ray unit, is an FPD.


Genetic diagnosis

DNA information is described as the blueprint for bodily tissue, and this kind of diagnosis identifies in-born susceptibility to cancer and other diseases by examining that information. Knowing about such predispositions through genetic information makes it possible to deal efficiently with a disease if it is contracted.


Hospital and clinic collaboration

Hospitals and clinics working together to carry out the handling of medical information, diagnosis, and treatment. Also, a treatment system that enables hospitals and family doctors (clinics) to cooperate with each other while sharing roles and responsibilities, in order to provide more efficient and appropriate medical care according to the patient's medical condition. We use the term "hospital-hospital collaboration" to refer to the cooperative handling of medical information, diagnosis, and treatment among hospitals. We offer the medical information technology service "informity" to support medical image management and collaboration between institutions.


Imaging CRO

Evaluation of the safety and efficacy of medical and pharmaceutical products, for example clinical trials of new drugs, using medical images taken by CT, MRI and other imaging equipment, with a focus on areas such as cancer.
Konica Minolta offers integrated services to support image evaluation in clinical trials, from support for test planning through information collection, quality control, image evaluation and data storage.

Imaging IoT

Technologies to analyze image data and various sensor information using AI technologies such as deep learning to support decision making and judgment in various situations.

Industrial Inkjet Business

Inkjet technology is used not only home printers.This is a generic term for inkjets used in the industrial sector, including large-format printing such as signage displays and posters, textile, label printer, and electronic materials.


Our ICT service platform for helping hospitals and clinics deliver care in a variety of ways.
Offerings include our Collaboration Box Service, which allows multiple institutions to share medical data such as examination images and reports, and remote diagnostic support services that facilitate requests for image interpretation.

Inkjet textile printing method

Method for printing directly to cloth fabric (textile printing) with an inkjet. Because it does not require the plate-making and color paste preparation required by traditional screen textile printing, and the ink can be applied only where needed, it has attracted attention as an innovative dyeing method that makes multi-product, small-lot production quick, easy, and inexpensive, and makes textile printing more environment-friendly.

Invicro company

It is an imaging CRO for drug discovery support service with strengths in advanced numerical analysis and searching biomarker technologies. Our business models are to provide high-value-added support for pharmaceutical manufacturing in clinical trials, and diagnostic support based on biomarkers. These business models are based on PET (Positron Emission Tomography) imaging technology to detect tumor sites and to analyze pathological images of Alzheimer's disease.
Converted to Konica Minolta's consolidated subsidiary in 2017.


Abbreviation for In Plane Switching. An LCD panel display technology that accounts for about 20% of LCD systems and is widely used in touch-screen tablets, etc.

IQ-501 (Intelligent Quality Optimizer)

IQ is abbreviation for “Intelligence Optimizer”.An optional unit that implements constant monitoring/control during printing to automate color management and front/back register control. This drastically cuts down on control times and improve production time.



Abbreviation for Liquid Crystal Display.

Light source color measuring instruments

Instruments for high-accuracy measurement of chromaticity, brightness, and color balance of various displays and light-emitting devices. These instruments can measure illuminance/chromaticity with a high accuracy that does not depend on the emission characteristics of the light source. Our products have been adopted as standard equipment by many companies in fields such as quality control and product color management.



Abbreviation for “Managed Content Services”. The collective term given to services for centrally managing paper or digital documents, e-mails, forms, diagrams, and other such business content, and for building systems to properly use, store, and dispose of this content.


Abbreviation for Multifunctional Peripherals. Units that support a variety of functions otherwise handled by separate equipment, such as copiers, printers, scanners, and facsimiles.We manufacture and sell color and monochrome MFPs under the "bizhub" brand.

MFP (Multi Functional Peripheral) Speed Segment

Seg. 1 to 20ppm, Seg.2 21-30ppm, Seg.3 31-40ppm, Seg.4 41-69ppm, Seg.5 70~ppm (A4 vertical, minute speed)

MGI company

MGI is an output device manufacturer based in France. Konica Minolta formed a financial and strategic alliance with MGI in 2014, and MGI became a consolidated subsidiary in 2016. MGI provides unique products requiring special techniques such as decorative printing that are tailored to customer needs, and operates its global business in North America and Asia with a particular focus on Europe.


Abbreviation for Machines In the Field. In the market for MFPs (multi-functional peripherals), production print machines, etc., it refers to the total installed base (number of working units).


Abbreviation for “Managed IT”. Services that support all operations in a company’s IT department. These wide-ranging services include support for a product’s lifecycle, including the creation of plans for deploying things such as PCs and servers, operating systems, software, and networks, as well as the actual deployment, contracted operation and support, management, maintenance, and contracted collection.


Abbreviation for “Marketing Management Services”. A comprehensive package of services that spans planning to media creation to marketing activities in accordance with communication strategies that leverage a combination of printed and digital media and that are informed by customer preferences and purchasing behavior analyses. Along with maximizing return on investment, MMS help strengthen a customer company’s brand strength and improve customer loyalty.

MOBOTIX company

Strengths lie in IP network camera system technology with embedded distributed and recording (DVR) functions. Konica Minolta had acquired majority stake in 2016.


Abbreviation for Marketing Production Management, which provides services optimizing the production cost of marketing materials for customers using our own supplier network. Konica Minolta acquired Charterhouse PM Limited (headquartered in the UK) and Ergo Asia Pty Limited (headquartered in Australia), both major print management service providers, to strengthen our global MPM business.


Abbreviation for Managed Print Services. Refers to comprehensive services for optimizing the office printing environment and reducing costs, as provided by our own OPS.

Multifunctional peripherals

Units (abbreviated MFPs) that support a variety of functions otherwise handled by separate equipment, such as copiers, printers, scanners, and facsimiles through connections to PCs on a network.



Our product brand of inkjet textile printers.
It manages to maintain both sharpness and high concentration thanks to its small-droplet, high-density, multi-nozzle inkjet printheads, newly developed for textiles. As a fabric printer, it achieves top-class speed and markedly enhances production efficiency. Thanks to our proprietary material and color management technologies, it can reproduce smooth gradients and subtle color tones while achieving the highest levels of ink fastness and dye concentration.


Object color measuring instruments

Colorimeters used in industrial development and production sites where color management is essential, from industrial products to food.
As part of our growth strategy, we are promoting the development of technologies and products that meet the testing automation needs of customers in the areas of quality control, such as automotive interior and exterior color measurement.


Abbreviation for Organic Light Emitting Diode.Luminescent technology composed of organic compounds, light emitting devices.It is excellent in color reproduction, response and power consumption, and is expected as a display technology of the next generation.


Abbreviation for Optimized Print Services, which is the name of our Managed Print Services (MPS) offering. OPS provides services to boost efficiency and reduce costs through optimization of the customer's print environment (output and document management environment).



Abbreviation for Picture Archiving and Communication System, an image storage and communication system for medical image processing. More generally, any system for managing a large number of images, such as CT, MRI, and X-ray images from DR or CR.


Abbreviation for Pages Per Minute. Refers to the output quantity in one minute.


Abbreviation for Print Volume. The print output quantity. (Also called Copy Volume.)


QWP Film

A plate film with features that displace the phase by a quarter-wavelength, enabling display light to be brought closer to natural light so that the original display colors can be reproduced even when wearing polarized sunglasses. Our diagonally aligned optical axis helps customers increase productivity.



Our compact yet high-performance desktop digital X-ray diagnostic image reader (CR). Lightweight and low-cost, it is ideal for clinics looking to computerize their facilities. Designed for a reduced environmental impact, it reduces product life cycle CO2 emissions by 64% compared to conventional products. Winner of a 2011 Good Design Award.

RNA (ribonucleic acid)Testing

Testing to identify changes in mRNA structure in the primary transcript of DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid). Analysis of transcript mRNA can provide more detailed test results on DNA mutations that used to be considered of undetermined clinical significance in conventional DNA testing.



Trademark of a new resin film, used as a material in electronic devices for displays.

Support for pharmaceutical development

This is the provision of technical support to pharmaceutical companies when developing new drugs. New drug development tends to cost huge sums of money, and this support makes efficient use of our analytical technology to help move from preclinical study and clinical trials to market launch.



Abbreviation for triacetylcellulose. Primarily composed of cellulose acetate, it is mainly used as a protective film for polarizers, a component of LCDs.
TAC was originally developed as a substrate for photographic film, but because of its superior flame resistance, transparency, surface appearance, and electric insulation characteristics, we are pursuing development of applications outside of photographic film.


Abbreviation for Twisted Nematic, a type of LCD panel display system. Mainly used in smaller monitors such as PCs.



Abbreviation for Vertical Alignment, a type of LCD panel display widely used in TV applications.
We have maintained our leading market share in phase difference films for VA systems.


Abbreviation for “Video Management Software”.
An application that connects input devices such as cameras and data recording media over a network and controls them.


Workplace Hub (WPH)

New IoT business platform Konica Minolta is focusing on. Mounted on MFP function, a server is integrated to create a solution that drives efficiencies by reducing the overall costs of IT infrastructure management, providing real-time data-driven visibility of IT usage patterns that help to improve business processes. This will link people and data, and empower them to make smarter decisions and solve problems in the office.


X-ray kinetic analysis and Digital X-ray Dynamic Digital Radiography Systems

These devices and systems enable more detailed diagnoses by using continuously captured X-ray images to observe patients in motion.


ZeroTAC film

A TAC film with phase difference reduced to zero. Used primarily in IPS displays, with characteristics that improve visibility.

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