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SDS (MSDS) for Printers 2. Canada



Product name color Model name MSDS No. Prepared date /
Revised date
pdf file name
IUP37 Black bizhub 4020i
bizhub 4000i
PRT-0162 2022/2/28 PRT-0162.pdf
Black bizhub 4702P
bizhub 4402P
bizhub 3602P
MFP-0522 2022/2/28 MFP-0522.pdf
DEVELOPER IU314K Black magicolor 8650
magicolor 8650CK
PRT-3112 2016/1/4 PRT-3112.pdf
DEVELOPER IU314Y Yellow magicolor 8650
magicolor 8650CK
PRT-3122 2016/1/4 PRT-3122.pdf
DEVELOPER IU314M Magenta magicolor 8650
magicolor 8650CK
PRT-3132 2016/1/4 PRT-3132.pdf
DEVELOPER IU314C cyan magicolor 8650
magicolor 8650CK
PRT-3142 2016/1/4 PRT-3142.pdf
DEVELOPER (BLACK) Black magicolor 7440series
magicolor 7450series
PRT-3032 2016/1/4 PRT-3032.pdf
DEVELOPER (YELLOW) Yellow magicolor 7440series
magicolor 7450series
PRT-3042 2016/1/4 PRT-3042.pdf
DEVELOPER (MAGENTA) Magenta magicolor 7440series
magicolor 7450series
PRT-3052 2016/1/4 PRT-3052.pdf
DEVELOPER (CYAN) cyan magicolor 7440series
magicolor 7450series    
PRT-3062 2016/1/4 PRT-3062.pdf
DEVELOPER (BLACK) Black magicolor 330 PRT-3072 2016/1/4 PRT-3072.pdf
DEVELOPER (YELLOW) Yellow magicolor 330 PRT-3082 2016/1/4 PRT-3082.pdf
DEVELOPER (MAGENTA) Magenta magicolor 330 PRT-3092 2016/1/4 PRT-3092.pdf
DEVELOPER (CYAN) cyan magicolor 330 PRT-3102 2016/1/4 PRT-3102.pdf

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