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Giving Shape to Ideas

Annual Report 2011

Medium Term Business Plan

G Plan 2013
Expanding the scale by achieving growth,
Changing into a “Global Company”,
Increasing the recognition of the Konica Minolta brand

In a changing market environment, the Konica Minolta Group is striving to establish sustainability and presence, raise its value in the eyes of society, and pursue global thinking and action.

Performance Targets FY20135 Key Themes Growth Strategy Q&A

Performance Targets FY2013

Net sales ¥1 trillion or more,
Operating income ratio 8% or more, ROE 10% or more

5 Key Themes

Strategies and initiatives for achieving targets are encapsulated in five key themes. The Group will achieve firm growth through measures taken in line with each theme.

Becoming a “Global Company” Increasing Deployment Capability Growth Strategy Enhancing Profitability Group Interconnecting Strategy

Growth Strategy Q&A

Key market forecasts and the Company's market position, mainly with regard to our mainstay Business Technologies Business, that are vital to achieving the “G PLAN 2013” medium-term business plan have been compiled in a question format below, including quantitative data.

Growth Strategy Q&A

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