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Konica Minolta concludes a distribution agreement for the gas monitoring cameras in North America
Contributing to the solution of social issues by visualizing gas leakage

March 28, 2023

Tokyo (March 28, 2023) - Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) announced that Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc., a 100%-owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta based in Ramsey, New Jersey, signed a sales agent contract with Southern Cross, Inc. based in Peachtree Corners, Georgia (Southern Cross), which provides on-site operations and specialized services for electric power companies and manufacturing industries in North America. With this contract, Southern Cross will launch Konica Minolta's gas leak testing system.

Conclusion of contract

The signing of the sales agent contract with Southern Cross will enable Konica Minolta to accelerate the introduction of its gas-monitoring systems in The North American utility markets. According to Southern Cross, The GMP02 optical gas detector has superior detection performance compared to other Optical Gas Imaging cameras in the market. Furthermore, the GMP02 can contribute to the early detection of leaks and reduction of emissions of hydrocarbon gases, especially methane gas, which is required in the energy sector (utilities, oil and gas) and is also compliant with the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) Subpart OOOOa, issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Thus, the GMP02 optical gas detector is a critical component in helping the utility sector improve safety, reduce leak-related losses and drive data to assist in identifying greenhouse gas emissions.

Five material issues addressed by Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta considers sustainable development goals (SDGs), macro trends, and diverse stakeholder demands in the increasingly complex macro-environment characterized by population growth, the declining birthrate and aging population, the ongoing digital revolution, the increasingly multipolar global structure, and increasingly severe climate change. Konica Minolta conducted a materiality analysis from the perspectives of both social and environmental issues to be solved and the company’s business growth, and set five material issues to be addressed.

Konica Minolta's gas monitoring solution contributes to solving social challenges by ensuring safety and security in society and responding to climate changes through the visualization of gas leaks.

Gas monitoring solution

Konica Minolta's gas monitoring solution uses its core technologies in optical design and image processing to create a visualization system that allows anyone to intuitively determine the extent to which gases are leaking. This will help establish safety and security of clients and reduce the impacts on climatic changes associated with the leakage of greenhouse gases by promoting the prevention and early detection of abnormalities, prioritization of conservation areas, and prompt and appropriate conservation practices that do not depend on the proficiency of conservation personnel at the plant site.

About Southern Cross

A Sparus Holdings affiliate that provides on-site operations and specialized outsourcing services to electric power companies and the manufacturing industry in 75 years. As a family land, Sparus Holdings provides gas tube testing and leakage detection, public facility needle testing services, public facility localization services, field-based project supervision, project management and control, and other related services.

About Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

As a Konica Minolta group company, Konica Minolta Sensing Americas provides measurement solutions in North America. Through partnerships with Southern Cross, the company hopes it will be able to contribute to resolving social issues such as establishing safety and security in society and responding to climate change.

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