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Precise Color Communication

The L*u*v* color space (also referred to as the CIELUV space) is one of the uniform color spaces defined by the CIE in 1976. The values of L*, u*, and v* are calculated according to the formulas below:
Y: Tristimulus value Y (tristimulus value can also be used.)
u', v': Chromaticity coordinates from the CIE 1976 UCS diagram
Yo, u'o, v'o: Tristimulus value Y (or ) and chromaticity coordinates u', v' of the perfect reflecting diffuser.

Color difference ∆E*uv in the L*u*v* color space, which indicates the degree of color difference but not the direction, is defined by the following equation:
∆L*, ∆u*, ∆v*: Difference in L*, u*, and v* values between the specimen color and the target color

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