Recruiting Information

Application Requirements

Ability to begin work in April 2022

(For applicants who have never worked as full-time regular employees for a total of less than 3 years.)

Individuals who have high ambitions and seek further growth

* Konica Minolta’s important global mission is to provide solutions to the diversifying problems of society and our customers (companies) in these changing times. In order to both pursue and explore the actual challenges facing society and our customers, we require personnel who are self-sustaining and seek further growth. In your application, we are looking for someone who sees getting a job as a start-not a goal-and wishes to grow in our company.

People who are internationally-minded

*Konica Minolta is transforming into a true global company.
Our standard for new graduates is therefore a TOEIC score of about 600 points or higher (730 points for office positions). While we definitely do not believe that having language ability is the same as being internationally-minded, we do expect applicants to have that basic level or the equivalent. Furthermore, not having that score does not mean that you will automatically be screened out. We welcome applicants who are determined to achieve that score before joining our company in April 2017. If you are internationally-minded and willing and able to engage in business or in research and product development not just in Japan but with a global vision, we very much look forward to meeting you.


Software engineer、Hardware engineer (Electric・ Mechanical・ Physics・ Optics)、Advanced technology fusion development、Material development / Biological development、Plant engineer、Quality assurance、Customer support、IT planning、System engineer、Environmental sustainability、Intellectual property .
Electrical, electronics, information technology and Image IoT/AI Field : All fields.

Job positions

Research and Development (ICT•materials•optics•mechanics•process etc), quality assurance, production engineering, customer support, technical front-end, environment-related, intellectual property etc.
The most recent information regarding seminar and screening schedules and open positions is posted on My Page, which is our homepage for new graduate recruitment available on our employment website.

Number of New Hires

Technical Field Administrative Field High School Total
Fiscal 2018 70 24 2 96
Fiscal 2019 61 28 2 91
Fiscal 2020 61 18 2 81

Starting Salary

(Data from April Last year)
Doctor's degree: 285,350 yen; Master's degree: 255,550 yen; Bachelor's degree: 228,550 yen; Technical college: 195,550 yen

Other Allowances

Commuting allowance, next-generation care allowance, etc.

Promotions / Bonuses

Once a year (April) / Twice a year (June, December)

Holidays and Vacation Time

Two-day weekends, end-of-year and new-year holidays, summer holidays, yearly paid vacation time (15 - 20 days), wedding leave, maternity/paternity leave, caregiving leave, volunteer activity leave, etc.

Working Hours

Fixed working hours:
7 hours 40 minutes
Marunouchi / Hamamatsucho:
9:15 AM - 5:40 PM (with 45-minute break)
Kansai branches:
9:00 AM - 5:25 PM (with 45-minute break)
Other sites:
8:30 AM - 5:10 PM (with 60-minute break)
Differs according to work site.
Flex-time, discretionary work and shift systems are set separately.

Benefits / Retirement and Pension System

“Cafeteria” plan (open selection of benefits), “Kyosaikai” mutual benefit welfare plan, etc.
Health insurance, pension, unemployment insurance, accident insurance, etc.
Dormitories for singles, recreational facilities, gymnasiums, sports fields, etc.
Retirement / Pension system:
Fixed withdrawal pension system (401k), fix benefit pension system, advance retirement bonus payment system (optional)

Ability Development System / Personnel Training System

1st year:
New employee training, sales/manufacturing training, technical training, patent training, etc.
2nd and subsequent years:
Career training, “Konica Minolta College” (including training by specialty and e-learning), core personnel training system, etc.
Have self-assessment system


Konica Minolta, Inc
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