• Application Requirements

    Ability to begin work in April 2024

  • Department

    Technology-related: Software engineer, Hardware engineer (Electric・ Mechanical・ Physics・ Optics), Advanced technology fusion development, Material development / Biological development, Plant engineer, Quality assurance, Customer support, IT planning, System engineer, Environmental sustainability, Intellectual property.

    Note:Electrical, electronics, information technology and Image IoT / AI Field : All fields.

  • Job positions

    Technology-related: Research and Development (ICT• data science• materials• optics• mechanics• process etc), quality assurance, production engineering, customer support, technical front-end, IT planning / information system, intellectual property etc.

    Business-related:sales planning, procurement• production planning, accounting• management, administration (Human Resources, Public Relations, Corporate Planning)

    Design related : design

    Note:The most recent information regarding seminar and screening schedules and open positions is posted on My Page, which is our homepage for new graduate recruitment available on our employment website.

  • Number of New Hires

    Technical Field Administrative Field High School Total
    Fiscal 2020 61 18 2 81
    Fiscal 2021 31 8 0 39
    Fiscal 2022 49 14 0 63
  • Starting Salary

    (Data from April 2022)
    Doctor's degree: 285,350 yen; Master's degree: 255,550 yen; Bachelor's degree: 228,550 yen;
    Technical college: 195,550 yen

  • Other Allowances

    Commuting allowance, next-generation care allowance, etc.

  • Promotions / Bonuses

    Once a year (April) / Twice a year (June, December)

  • Holidays and Vacation Time

    Two-day weekends, end-of-year and new-year holidays, summer holidays, yearly paid vacation time (15 - 20 days), wedding leave, maternity/paternity leave, caregiving leave, volunteer activity leave, etc.

  • Working Hours

    Fixed working hours: 7 hours 40 minutes
    Marunouchi / Hamamatsucho: 9:15 AM - 5:40 PM (with 45-minute break)
    Kansai branches: 9:00 AM - 5:25 PM (with 45-minute break)
    Other sites: 8:30 AM - 5:10 PM (with 60-minute break)

    Note:Differs according to work site.
    Note:Flex-time, discretionary work and shift systems are set separately.

  • Benefits / Retirement and Pension System

    Programs: “Cafeteria” plan (open selection of benefits), “Kyosaikai” mutual benefit welfare plan, etc.Insurance: Health insurance, pension, unemployment insurance, accident insurance, etc.Facilities: Dormitories for singles, recreational facilities, gymnasiums, sports fields, etc.Retirement / Pension system: Fixed withdrawal pension system (401k), fix benefit pension system, advance retirement bonus payment system (optional)

  • Ability Development System / Personnel Training System

    1st year: New employee training, sales/manufacturing training, technical training, patent training, etc. 2nd and subsequent years: Career training, “Konica Minolta College” (including training by specialty and e-learning), core personnel training system, etc.

    Note:Have self-assessment system

  • Contact

    Konica Minolta, Inc
    Recruitment Division, Corporate Human Resources
    2970 Ishikawa-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, Japan 192-8505