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Konica Minolta Planetarium CO., LTD. (KMP) is pleased to name Magna-Tech Electronic Company, Inc. as their North American and Russian distributor, effective September 1st, 2012. Magna-Tech Electronic Company (MTE) is just one of several companies owned by International Cinema Equipment Company (ICEC) with partners and agents in over 18 countries. Please go to: http://www.iceco.com/Worldwide.htm for a complete list.

MTE is an Academy Award winner for Technical Achievement and has been part of the motion picture and giant screen industry since 1975. They are among the largest suppliers of 2K and 4K Digital Cinema Projector Systems in the world. MTE has been supplying sound system components, as well as 2-D and 3-D cinema systems, to North American planetarium integrators for many years. As MTE President Steven Krams stated, “It is only a natural progression for us to be a distributor of quality Konica Minolta digital planetariums. Our company motto is: Give us four walls and we'll give you a theater. We look forward to adding: Give us four walls and we'll give you a planetarium. Every element required to make a planetarium from dome to sound to lighting to theater seating to show content can be provided turn-key by Magna-Tech Electronic Company.”

Hiroaki Ueda, KMP stated: “I am excited about this new distributorship and see a bright future for Konica Minolta Planetariums. Naming Magna-Tech Electronic Company as a distributor of our planetarium products means more competitive pricing and a greater selection of high-quality supporting products and services for planetariums in North America and Russia.” For sales, service and product inquiries, please contact MTE’s corporate office:
MAGNA-TECH ELECTRONIC COMPANY 1998 NE 150th Street North Miami, FL 33181 USA.

Phone (305) 573-7339 | Fax (305) 573-8101 Customer Service Email: cs@myiceco.com.

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