Annual Report 2012

Giving Shape to Ideas

Growth Strategy

Medium Term Business Plan “G PLAN 2013”
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  • Reinforcement of Our Global Management Base

Growth Strategy

Priority measures: Changing into a global company

  • Introducing a global human resource system to cultivate and leverage global human resources

    Considering human resource optimization from a worldwide perspective to be indispensable in providing the highest value to customers around the world, we have constructed a global HR database that we are now actively using. We are also developing initiatives to foster future management personnel from a global perspective, such as periodically implementing management training programs across the group for selected personnel. In addition, we will go on to construct and deploy a common structure for HR evaluations to appoint talented people from different organizations and countries.

  • Structural enhancements for global Optimized Print Services (OPS)

    As a new growth area for the office field in the Business Technologies Business, we are strengthening our sales structure on a global scale for the OPS concept, with the aim of providing an optimal print environment to customers. We achieved the acquisition of 2,800 new client companies (aggregate number of clients: 4,000 companies) and sales of ¥20.3 billion (YoY +134%) in FY March 2012.

  • Expansion of Global Major Accounts (GMA) by providing high-quality services worldwide

    As a result of promoting marketing to GMA operating in Europe, the U.S. and the rest of the world through the window of OPS, steady growth was achieved in FY March 2012, having entered into multi-year contracts for the management of office equipment with 15 companies including the major German automobile manufacturer BMW and NASA.

Priority measures: Increasing the recognition of the Konica Minolta brand

Giving Shape to Ideas
  • Promoting the communication message “Giving Shape to Ideas”

    This communication message clearly expresses our strong determination to fulfilling our customers' needs through creative technological innovation. Under this message, we will endeavor each day to resolve our customers' problems through the reliable technological strengths and problem-solving abilities we have fostered in all the businesses in which the Group companies engage, and deliver value beyond expectations.