Annual Report 2012

Giving Shape to Ideas

Growth Strategy

Medium Term Business Plan “G PLAN 2013”
  • Growth Strategy[
  • Business Technologies Business
  • /
  • Industrial Business
  • /
  • Healthcare Business
  • ]
  • Reinforcement of Our Global Management Base

Growth Strategy

  • Production Print
  • Office

Production Print

Priority measures

  • Expand the product line-up from lightweight to heavy systems
  • Strengthen our capabilities to meet customer needs by type of industry
  • Achieve the top position in the color PV field
To Business Outlook: Business Technologies

Our competitive advantages

  • World-leading in color production print field
  • Spectacular image quality, high resolution, high stability, high reliability
  • Paper handling that meets professional needs and wide-ranging in-line post processing options

Market trends and position

High growth potential projected for commercial printing


Net sales for Production Print and
worldwide share of color equipment units