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January 7, 2003

Integration of Management between Konica Corporation and Minolta Co., Ltd.

TOKYO, OSAKA (January 7, 2003)
Konica Corporation (Fumio Iwai, president, TSE4902) and Minolta Co., Ltd. (Yoshikatsu Ota, president, TSE7753) herein sign "the letter of intent for the management Integration ", as resolved this day by the Board of Directors of both companies for the basic agreement of an integration of the management of both companies based on stock swaps through sprit of equality.

The new corporate group created as a result of this integration of management takes "The Creation of New Value" as its managerial philosophy, the concepts of being an "Innovative Corporation That Continues to Create Impressions in the Field of Imaging" and "A Global Market Leader That Offers Advanced Technology and Reliability" as its managerial visions, and "The essentials of imaging" as its corporate slogan.

The greatest goals of this integration of management are to create a corporate structure that targets the top position in the industry by greatly strengthening competitive capabilities in our image information products (0ffice equipment) business, the largest business sector, and to further solidify our number one market position in the field of optical products by combining the strong optical technologies of both companies, and to achieve a one-trillion yen level of sales through the integration of the management of both companies.

  1. Goals of the Integration of Management

    In the field of image information products (office equipment), the rapid advancements being made in digitization and networked environment are resulting in drastic changes to market needs as well as to the speed of the development of technologies and products, including those related to both hardware and software. Global competition in all fields is growing increasingly severe. In order to survive in today’s market, it is vital to aggressively pursue well-timed, strategic business collaborations that result in new levels of strength for a corporation.

    Konica Corporation positions the field of imaging as its primary business domain, possesses an extensive range of technologies in the field of imaging, and is working to expand and develop business in this area.

    Minolta Co., Ltd. also takes the field of imaging as its primary business domain, and is promoting the development of business areas focusing on image information products (office equipment) business, color output devices in particular.

    This integration of management will achieve a comprehensive integration of the strengths of both companies. This integration aims to strengthen the position of both companies to survive in this era of major global competition by strengthening the business competitiveness and profitability, to further increase corporate value, and to ensure a strong position in the industry.

  2. Background of the Integration of Management

    Through the business partnership formed between both companies in April 2000 for the field of image information products (office equipment), the companies have been strengthening their product lineups through collaborative research and development, and have been achieving a powerful synergy through efforts such as an increase in profits in the area of toners and other consumables. This collaboration has also served to greatly strengthen the mutual trust and reliability between the companies.

    Through these efforts, the companies are working to strengthen their business competitiveness, to expand business, and increase profits. With the goal of expanding corporate value, the companies have determined that the best course of action will be to integrate their management.
    With a foundation of strong mutual trust, the top managements of both companies have reached a strong determination to work toward this integration in order to survive today’s global competition, and after careful studies of this integration by both companies, management has decided to sign "the letter of intent for the management integration".

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