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Photo Plates

Konica Minolta’s high-precision photo plates

High-quality emulsion photo plates, hyper-reliable products using Konica Minolta's silver halide photographic technology

Photo fabrication, which is essential to the production of electronic components ranging from semiconductor packaging to wiring for display panels, is an ultra-high-precision process that generates delicate, complex patterns at the micron level. Konica Minolta's high precision photo plates use the company's silver halide photgraphic technology, cultivated over many years, and substrate expertise to achieve high-quality & faithful reproductions that have earned the world No.1 reputation.

High-precision plates

Ultra-fine particle technologies and ultra-clean technologies contribute to outstanding reliability. These plates are ideal for creating masters that require high precision and high resolution (FC-BGA, HDI, etc.).

Layer formation

In addition to standard clear type, we also offer protection layer type, matte type, and matte type with protection layer.

Type of film

Product types

High resolution plates

Product name Features Type Fixing solution
HV1 Suitable for mask production by Blue or Violet Laser Plotter.
Suitable for use including high-voltage mercury lamps and metal halide lamps.
It can be treated under yellow safety light same as Chrome mask.
CDH-100 CFL-881
HY2 Suitable for YAG (532nm) and Ar (488nm) laser plotters. Achieves high density, high contrast images with minimal fringe. CDH-100 CFL-881
HE1 In addition to line drawing resolution that is true to the CAD image, from fine to wide circuits, these plates improve development stability and minimize defects that arise during development. DE-200 CFL-881


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