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TAC Film for LCD Polarizers

We have achieved high-quality TAC film utilizing the technologies for manufacturing base films for photographs that we have nurtured over many years

LCD displays are being used in a wide variety of applications, including LCD TVs, personal computers, cell phones and car navigation systems. Konica Minolta Opto supplies the important cellulose triacetate film (TAC film), which protects the polarizer, the key component in LCD displays.


Product characteristics

  1. Excellent uniformity
  2. Superior transparency
  3. Stable and reliable quality
  4. Ultimate cleanliness
  5. Excellent UV-cutting performance

VA-TAC film for increasing viewing angle

This thin film increases the viewing angle of LCD screens through uniform control of phase difference and wavelength scattering characteristics. Adding a viewing angle expansion function to polarizer protection film helps decrease the thickness of LCDs.
We have also succeeded in manufacturing wider-width film in response to the need for increasing screen sizes.

Viewing angle expansion function

TAC film with surface treatment

A functional hard-coat thin layer is added to the surface of th is TAC film, to create a clear film possessing excellent anti-abrasion performance.


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