Textile printing business branding activities

Offering multifaceted support for branding​

The Design Center carries out a variety of promotional activities as part of its branding efforts, including providing support for the design of overseas tradeshow booths and showrooms and facilitating exhibits as sales tools that take into consideration textile patterns.

Communicating added value created by products in an easy-to-understand manner​

Printed samples are an important part of promoting the quality and potential of inkjet textile printing. We work to communicate the appeal of products by preparing designs for samples that express the rich range of expression that they can create. We also strive to identify the needs of the apparel industry and incorporate that information into product development, for example by seeking feedback from customers that have purchased Nassenger systems.​

Creating samples that take advantage of printer characteristics​

Concept book that communicates value​

Textile printers as devices that are uniquely capable of expressing the user's ideas immediately​