Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Ultrasonic diagnostic system that’s easy to transport

Echo testing uses imagery of the inside of the body obtained using ultrasonic waves. By delivering the imaging performance of a more advanced system in a compact design that can be easily transported, the SONIMAGE MX1 makes it possible to carry out echo testing in any setting, from hospital outpatient examination areas to home care outside the facility.​

A design that broadens the horizons of echo testing​

Thanks to improved portability, the SONIMAGE MX1 can be transported to remote areas, where it can be expected to facilitate real-time explanation and early diagnosis and treatment. By repeatedly observing and verifying the product’s utility in medical settings such as these, we were able to design a system that can be taken on flights as a carry-on despite incorporating large, easy-to-use control dials and a high-definition touch panel designed to facilitate intuitive operation.​

Handle designed for peace of mind during transport

Interface design honed through repeated observation and verification

High-definition touch panel monitor