Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer

Accurately measuring metallic and pearl colors

Automobile bodies are called upon to feature appealing and nuanced colors. The CM-M6 is a colorimeter designed to accurately measure metallic and pearl colors whose appearance varies with the angle at which they are viewed. Its compact, lightweight design reflects our dedication to creating devices that are both easy to hold and easy to use.​

An interface created by considering measurement from every angle​

Featuring a new vertical form that suits the way people hold and apply objects, the instrument can be held with either one or two hands. It's easy to hold and allows stable measurement of even curved surfaces from a variety of directions, including the roof, hood, and fenders. Screen displays feature a flat design that befits an instrument boasting high reliability.​

Hexagonal measurement optics in a compact package​

Measurement buttons located so that they can be squeezed naturally

Flat, easy-to-view screen displays with minimal decoration​