Planetarium Projector
[Cosmo Leap Sigma]

Fostering children’s curiosity

Most of the planetariums in Japan are operated by municipalities, and staff members with specialized knowledge communicate the appeal of space to children. Cosmo Leap Σ was created based on feedback from sites like those that project educational content. Despite the system’s small size, it incorporates an enormous chart of the constellations to facilitate explanations of the star-filled sky, and its high-resolution, realistic stellar images entice children to explore their universe.

Crystallizing cosmological principles

By disassembling and then reintegrating the components of a conventional device, we created a product with a new profile that brings together a number of optical technologies. We searched for an appropriate shape based on the order and principles of space, which we crystallized into a beautiful machine that is decorated by light and darkness.

Enormous constellation chart and high-definition stellar images

Shape created based on the order of space

Harmony with space