Care Support Solution

Helping nursing care staff make sound judgments

Our goal is to reduce nursing care staff members’ workloads. To help resolve social problems, we developed an ICT platform that uses ceiling-mounted sensors and smartphones to communicate information precisely to support nursing care staff. The sensors help nursing care staff make fast judgments by automatically detecting when patients get out of bed, leave their beds, or fall.​

Ambient sensing designed for maximum peace of mind

Nobody wants to feel ill at ease because they’re being watched. We worked hard to create a design that delivers both peace of mind and safety by finding the sweet spot between nursing facility privacy and the benefits of sensing. A design that incorporates ambient ICT and sensing so that the system disappears into the living environment helps nursing care staff improve patients’ quality of life while highlighting the sense of well-being that comes from peace of mind.

Ambient design that focuses on peace of mind​

High-performance sensors that disappear into the living environment

Smartphone app that communicates conditions precisely​

designer's Interview